The Left Hand of Creation

left hand of creation

Have to hand it to these bitches right here. From all angles they appear to have their shit together musically and visually. The Left Hand of Creation is two people drawing inspiration from Black Metal and Hip Hop, as well as influences outside of music such as cinema and Science Fiction novels —-> which makes things very witchy on their releases. I am really liking the track “/\ƲT0₡0Ɗ/\”. Just slips right inside of you and infects you with its dark spell. I am entrapped in this group’s musical vase. Keep it up bitches. Keep it up indeed.

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These cats have been putting out a wealth of material lately. All of which is hauntingly exciting especially if you are a fan of the black arts. Here is a post featuring a mix of excerpts and incerts which will keep you pondering from which house? The full length here “666÷” is the accompaniment to ‘Homonym‘ an earlier album you must check out. I thought I would just offload all this shit on you so you can indulge right away. Not going to brag about this shit. Not going to piss all over it. Quality speaks for its self.

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Cassette Club 1 // Moontown Records // Various Artists

cassete club rites wild

An obscure tape dropped featuring one of IVIYH’s favorites ‘Rites Wild“. This artist is all over the map, constantly on the move with a wealth of project names with releases everywhere. This makes it especially hard to follow for a cat like me who has trouble enough remembering one’s own address let alone tracking an Aussie artist thousands of mile away. I like this shit though. Some good tracks coming from other artists on this mix too. Give it a whirl.

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Achromatic Residue // Concept Of Time And Space

achromatic residue

Been digging the instrumental sound-scapes. Some say I have been getting a little “lighthearted” as of late, but I have always had a soft side for this kind of work and since I don’t have a positively beating heart that word doesn’t hold a lot of water with me. As I indulge in this kind of art the angst gets pent-up inside of me which makes my daily breakout sessions that much more enjoyable.

This cat right here goes by the name of Achromatic Residue and has a little project based out of Salem. This release “Concept of Time and Space” reaches chill proportions and has that cinematic pure moods direction to it that many dudes like me find appealing. He is working on a darker release ready to hit soon. Waiting for that shit to hit so we can deliver it to you in the devil’s trunk.

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Some say music is therapy. The music supplied here by Mylamine is exactly that. Soothing and exhilarating are the moods and emotions I experience while mining Mylamine’s cloud. While up here I feel my realities and fantasies collide creating a altered reality. This is what good music should do. It should remove you from the perils of life and take you places that make you feel better.

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Blvck Ceiling // Don’t Hurt Me (Owl Remix)

black ceiling

A rather stellar slow darkened remixed rendition of what has always been an upbeat but sad song. Talking about “What is Love” by Haddaway. Everything Black Ceiling touches turns to black in my book. I would say “gold” but black is more fitting given the kind of shit we push here.

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DJ Sashay // Chill Wave EP

DJ Sashay

The opener on this one ƧΣ∆WΣΣD WHīRL just washes over you like the waves of the sea: gently, smoothly and clearly. As unoriginal as the title is of this 3-tracker, there is some fantastic music within. Some will call this formulated or maybe scripted, but tribute played here works well for me because reproduction is an art in its self which I respect on occasion. You see those that originate are highlighted more often when others pay tribute.

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Ext // One of the Moments

EXT One of the Moments

Someone punched my post-trap card with FREE on the new “One of the Moments” by Ext. This LP is cleverly executed. Points of wondering, transcending, peaking are what to be expected. Ext’s marathon project is stylized in a manner granting access to another unworldly realm. Brash, aphasic, forbidden, yet a more conventionally dance-able string of tracks is the ultimate output.

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WIK▲N & MAHR // Beyond the Dark Mirror


A haunting and rather epic journey into the ambient unknown with WIK▲N & MAHR via Wisconsin label Pale Noir. This one is pouring ice over my curved spine track by track. Into Oblivian, the opener, feels just like the title suggests. No false advertising here, just chill factor to infinity. This is some ambient drone darkness here.

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This new SOMNA plays in the background as I wonder the maze that has become my life. These witch recordings are on the verge of cinematic almost soundtrack proportions. Dark electronic instrumental to the core via Youth 1984.

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