The Wrist Cutter // ACITYASLEEP Split EP

the wrist cutter


I have been ghost gazing to this one for a bit. The blankness of the ambient darked out vibes with just the right twinge of hyped up cadence makes me proud to listen repeatedly. It is a hard life but these composition ease the pain to tolerable levels by seducing the senses. Throw in the fact that this is a very evenly split that combines the artistic powers of  “The Wrist Cutter” while also showcasing “A City Asleep” and you will very knowingly admit you have an interesting collection of soundscapes awaiting one’s listening pleasure.

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Echo Strobes // Return To Ashes

Echo Strobes

The opener “lavender” sets the precedence on this chilled out darkened full length. It has been sometime since I have come across a full length this complete with track upon track of complete songs. When I find myself listening to songs that are finished I am a blackened ball of excitement. The title track “Return To Ashes” is a lonely ode – I am feeling the sadness linger on through song #6 “Sentinel” which is another ballad of solitude. This is impressive contribution and a fine way to start of October my darkened ones.

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Gangster Geisha // Gangster Geisha It’s OK

gangsta geisha


Digging the tribal atmospherics of Gangsta Geisha as I enter the suicide forest for umpteenth time. I am enamored by the metallic beats from the industrial influences that spawn this highly listenable ambient gestation. This should be the soundtrack to which you make art to. This should be the backdrop to your cool Autumn night. Just imagine the possibilities my darkened one.

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PP Technomancer

Another great track from Pictureplane’s forthcoming TECHNOMANCER, this album solidifies him as one of the main forces in dark electronic music today. The new generation of electronic musicians was slow to get going but they are fucking coming on strong. If there is a witch house equivalent to the Beatles then I think we’re listening to one of his tracks right now.

This dude is heading out on tour with HEALTH btw, my question is will they continue to play their PP covers, or will they join each other on stage like Elton John and Billy Joel and play them together?

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Really beautiful shit from Cellars, glad to see LA making another solid contribution in 2015, I saw a photo of her standing next to Don Bolles and Ariel Pink, so I’m guessing she’s working on some new tracks with them, or they helped with these. Good stuff on the whole, throw her a few bucks and buy a track or two.

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Sensi Affect // Gravity EP

sensi affect gravity


This one chills at the perfect speed for me. I am not asking for a whole lot these days. The last couple of years have been a wild ride. Sometimes I just want to sedate myself with the beauty of perfectly orchestrated notes. This does it for me and then some. These are cinematic electro vibes that build up and shadow the style of m83 like a photo negative.

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Tamaryn // Cranekiss

tamaryn cranekissBeen dropping tracks from Tamaryn since way back in hell. Noticeably as of late the feedback from the guitars have been swapped for clean chorusy seperation comparable to late 80s early 90s recordings that blessed the early half of my existence. The obvious influences are there: Curve, Cocteau Twins, The Cure, Chapterhouse and Slowdive. I am enamored of how magnificent these tracks sound. When I listen to this, I really feel like I am taking the cellophane off of a cassette tape purchased from a record store at the mall in 1988-1992. Cranekiss should not be missed!

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Mylamine // Northsky


Posted this kat’s music a while back and noticed the chill-tronic tracks keep flowing from Mylamine‘s cloud. I like the stop the record player pauses that just dial in that major chill factor for me. This is my therapy right here.

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Funeral Cult // Stigmata



Everything under one roof here. The whole family had a reunion release entitled “Stigmata” and you are all invited to partake. Featuring the likes of Graverobba, Wet Thighs, Funeral Cult, Digital Gor3, TrapLordi and Reject. Need I say anymore?

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DEAD FE†US // New stylings for a new era

dead fetus

I have been majorly space caking on Flakka and therefore haven’t gotten around to posting this kat’s newer shit since a post back in 2012 which was a dapper Spell Hound remix. So much has changed since the era of the salts. There is new shit abound! Portland artist Dead Fetus is ingenious with what some refer to as sound collaging where a masterful assemblage of different sound clips results in creating something entirely new. I think of his extra long tracks as containing many miniature songs within. Particularly “Cold skin” and “Drool” are packed with all kinds of stylings whereas each time I take a listen I hear something entirely new. That is what I call bang for your buck! Who needs to write albums when you can have a singular song that contains an album’s worth of material?

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