Fag Diarrhea Cult // Rain

My lovely bitches Fag Diarrhea Cult have a new EP coming out any second entitled “Ashes 2 Ash”. Check out the brand new video for Rain.

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Svetlana Sins // Livein // She Lies For Me

she lies for me senator park

My darkened soul was in some deep need of some rejuvenation during this last drought from the last featured release from my Cape Town Captor’s who also have a string of other aliases that they go by. Their latest incarnation Svetlana Sins has me floored after I took a hit of this pure grade genius shit. Now I can’t stop drooling on myself right after I pissed myself 3 times in a row. I will just lay here and enjoy this high until someone peels me off this disgusting floor that is my temporary residence. Why the fuck is Senator Park/Marxloh/Sad Hands/Crueler’s music is so ingenious? I ask myself this upon every one of their releases. They have re-written the rules of goth-dark-shit and you should take notice of how they craft their art because this is so fucking good words can’t describe it.

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Erleen Nada // Erleen Nada

erleen nada

My reality is far from realistic and my focus goes in and out like a zoom lens trying to find a sweet spot that never exists. This project of Erleen Nada is much the same. This shit actually reminds me quite well of the darkened days of synth pop / goth when the music of the scene used to transform its self into zany proportions thus losing all focus of reality. I am pleased by this offering. I will treasure it. I will listen to it.

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UnReaL’s xorzyzt | Tom Ass | BlackBlackGold – UnReaL #7 Mix FREE DOWNLOAD


Get ready to zone out for unREAL to this shit, if you have the patience, this is a slow burner but they cover some incredibly fuking cool shit. You are living vicariously through my pain, and I love you for it. Not sure how long this will be a free download, get it while the shit is good.

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It used to be when an original single was released it was set in stone – never to be tampered with again until someone decided to remix it or worst yet re-master it. Well those were the old bullshit days of what they called the “industry” which one can define as “a corporate community of twats”. Tombz has been tampering with the original Ratchet Pussy to come up with a better mix. I could tell right away that someone had tampered with that pussy, but in this case I didn’t mind.

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Nancy Leticia

nancy leticia

Is it Nancy Leticia or Leticia Nancy? Some artists have those reversible names that I envy. Kind of like Mathew Richards. I am liking what I hear so far.

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Ice Out (formerly known as: Corvx de Timor)

Corvx de Timor

This is a project by a Northern California dude who has some deep hip-hop influence filtered through an experimental electronic lens. To me it sounds like pretty post witch with a hint of ambient.

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Air On Ghost Radio

air on ghost radio

Darkness will eventually get to you. You might start off as one of those singer/songwriter types, but eventually blackness will creep into your art form. There is just something about black that looks good on artists.

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GRYPT // Firelighter / Arbitrary Dates


This 5-track album by Grypt entitled “Firelighter / Arbitrary Dates” includes remixes by WMX (of BESTIAL MOUTHS) and Digital Gnosis. Also decided to post some other shit from the Los Angeles gravefloor outfit. I am impressed by what I hear. Considering what floats my boat these days, that’s a compliment.

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Bombardier // Absolution EP


This cat Jason of Bombardier has been busy since the 90s creating a mountain of recordings under various aliases such as “13th Hour”. Well, if you work hard for many years, even over a decade, you might end up immortalized here in hell. Be careful for what you wish for. This is some of that Industrial techno and dark soundscape shit I have been ailing for lately. If I don’t always find it, shit always somehow finds me. It’s like no matter how bad shit gets in my life, the back-burner that is my musical journey always comes through for me. I might literally be starving to death and be malnourished, but there is always a wealth of music there for me. Go figure.

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