Liking the tendencies on this track and the audio visual is impeccable as anything goes in this dream state of blissful artistic incarnation. If ambient is your game then this producer has your number. If chilling is your recreation then this is your soundtrack.

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Late Night Hysterics // Moondance

late night

The atmospheric electronics provided by these Late Night Hysterics lends a rather fresh perspective to the electronic music art form. Nothing quite like this has ever graced my ears. Majorly ramped up synths are peaking and screaming like the shoegaze that split my eardrums decades ago but all done so eloquently this time with smoothed out synths. An endless dream awaits with each listen.

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Memoryhouse // Dream Shake

Memoryhouse is working on something monumental with their upcoming “Soft Hate” album. Some of the teasers and then this first video entitled Dream Shake offers a promising premise. Will their album be out in time for Sitemaster’s Best of 2015 list?

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Lozk // Meaningless Words

LOZK Meaningless Words

A full length courtesy of Lozk has the speakers punching out decibels of dark electronica, experimental, and worldly sounds coupled with folk music and random babble. It is a bold statement in the midst of genrefication of the modern scene. I am compelled to place this one on my regular player.

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Molly Nilsson // Mountain Time


Molly and I go back a while. She is always killing it with her creatively audacious audio visual escapades which seem to calibrate my soul to tolerable proportions upon viewing. With showcases like these it gives me an excuse to go on. But I won’t piss all over her latest masterpiece. Enjoy.

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HOUSETRONAUT /// Sum Action Ft. Bon Vivant

I miss dancing like I’m fucking in Cats, have’t left the safety of my sanctum for many weeks, listening to music that implies that I have a life makes me feel like something is going on, like I’m living. I can’t support the naming of this project so call this guy whatever you’d like, but did some nice fresh takes on 80s synthwave. I miss the drama, I miss feeling anything.





Sum Action Ft. Bon Vivant off the upcoming joint EP with Bon Vivant titled “Trop Bon”

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Mute Myself // Noise and Affection EP

mute myself

Making wonderful beauty through violent distorted noise is what happens when vocalist Valerie Lavender teams up with producer Mute. I am perplexed as the music changes shape revealing many dimensions in sounds and beyond. Mute is just killing it with the techno violence orchestrated in the musical backdrop. This EP is about FUCKING perfect as it gets for Vacation! Lavender the first track which shares a name with the vocalist starts off this EP hard. Breathe the second track continues the rollercoaster excitement until the sonnet styled “Want You Soon” ruins your blackened heart with its strikingly somber additive that will have you questioning how low you can go. The final track “And Then It Rained” closes out this bitch in motherfucking style. I am very excited about this duo. Fucking insanely good in more ways than I can express. Get this SHIT pronto because Mute Myself have arrived and they are chest punching you 100 times per second.


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DANA /// PRELUDE /// vVVVvvviiiiiiiddddddeo

So Mr. Crystal Castles is back in action producing this fucking awesome jam by DANA, have to say FUCKING INCREDIBLE. She’s from a  group called Dentata that had imploded in the not too distant past. I wish I wasn’t homeless anymore :(

This is an early front runner for Sitemaster’s top tracks of 2015, I would like another track RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!

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The Wrist Cutter // ACITYASLEEP Split EP

the wrist cutter

I have been ghost gazing to this one for a bit. The blankness of the ambient darked out vibes with just the right twinge of hyped up cadence makes me proud to listen repeatedly. It is a hard life but this composition eases the pain to tolerable levels by seducing the senses. Throw in the fact that this is a very evenly split that combines the artistic powers of  “The Wrist Cutter” while also showcasing “A City Asleep” and you will very knowingly admit you have an interesting collection of soundscapes on your hands.

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Echo Strobes // Return To Ashes

Echo Strobes

The opener “lavender” sets the precedence on this chilled out darkened full length. It has been sometime since I have come across a full length this complete with track upon track of complete songs. When I find myself listening to songs that are finished I am a blackened ball of excitement. The title track “Return To Ashes” is a lonely ode – I am feeling the sadness linger on through song #6 “Sentinel” which is another ballad of solitude. This is impressive contribution and a fine way to start of October my darkened ones.

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