Statiqbloom/ Zex Model Split

zex model

Some Skinny Puppy flashbacks here with this likable split from Zex Model (Russia) and Statiqbloom (N.Y.). A good combination effort in effect featuring four tracks from both artists.

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ΣXIS†EMY // Umbra Mortis


Most shit goes unrecognized, but here in hell you are a star born out of an underground that worships you. I have been digging this to the core. Listen to it and you will realize that this bitch right here knows the essence of the sound that moves you.

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Med Gen // Sectrue

Med Gen Sectrue

This is some haunted shit right here. This new one by Med Gen is possessed. The Dark Lord’s birthday is upon us in this dark ambient awakening. FFFFFFFFEEEEEAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR!

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Shonen Black // Triple 7


I like the way this one opens up on “Disjoint” with that muted snare just crashing away in the background. Some ambient workings going on here that are getting me in the mood for another experimental weekend where I am going to take the chemicals in my brain to unheard of levels.

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Zola Jesus // Go (Blank Sea)

zola jesus

This is Zola’s latest and greatest. Her album has already dropped as many of you already know. Just getting around to listening to this. It is good. Not as raw as her older stuff, a bit of crossover that is hard to pinpoint. Definitely more global in scope. When you have a voice like Nika’s there is no doubt that you are going to be required to be challenged from album to album. Thanks for setting the bar very very high, yet again.

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Aw yeah. True beauty right here. I like to gaze at my kicks still thanks to Schonwald. Thanks for keeping this music alive. Thanks for writing incredible music.

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Fourcolon // Jisatsu Sessions


Going to lay down some of Fourcolon’s “Jisatsu Sessions” up in this bitch. Jisatsu Sessions is the title of the The 7 track EP, a smokey black cassette of sorts from the 17 year old bedroom producer from Toronto. I am liking the glitched vocals with the darkened pattern of cadence as it enters the void that was once my soul.

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VØID // Chaos Reigns

Chaos Reigns VOID

Some deep neck of the woods shit here. I am intrigued by this splendid sound where Chaos Reigns. It brings me to a place that is contemplative in scope. Press play to see for yourself.

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Leopard Moth // Leopard Moth

leapord moth

Some experimentation of sorts. I have done much of that in my existence on a number of instances, but these cats take the cake. I want to say this album is all about re-incarnation and shit, but who knows my guess is as good as yours as I try to unravel their spiderweb of mysteriousness.

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Ritualz – Death3

Third time is a charm for me. The afterlife has been good for me….for rrrreeeeeeaaaaallllllzzzzz. This ambient dagger of a track is pounding me in the dark cavity of my chest. Makes me ponder….am I still alive?

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