god is the machine

It is nice to see the witch brewing in such biblical places where the salt meets the lake. God is the Machine (formerly enHuman) delivers two industrial style electronic contraptions that are a pleasurable listen. This SLC Goth takes his cues from NIN, Sirenscoel, Dubmood and Gary Numan.

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We All Woke Up // Nothing Behind The Signs

We All Woke Up Nothing Behind The Signs

Having one of those days where all I want to do is stare at the laces of my shoes as I daydream. I notice the material is worn and are stained from the rains of the past. What is offered on “Nothing Behind The Signs” is a fine example of the chord progression that are of the places of my forgotten youth. This 7-tracker is a noise pop induced dream. A dream I have had before but these recordings make those dreams feel new.

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Glistening // Sight Unseen

Glistening Sight Unseen

Some straight up ambient from down under. This comes from the windy city of Wellington, New Zealand from an artist that goes by the name of Glistening. That is exactly how these tracks play out too….they glisten the listener right along. Not bad from an artist from my old stomping grounds. Not bad at all.

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Summer of Haze // Holy Heavenh∞d

summer of haze

“Holy Heavenh∞d” could be described as trap with no aggressive drops common for big room hits, or witch-house with no gothic dominance. This music is alive and moving, worldwide, at times with oriental overtones, and at times even touching. The way Summer of Haze is pushing the pads of his gear – he is no stranger to urban poetry.

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Harshed Reality Mix Tape

harshed reality

This is a tripped out mix tape. Twenty-nine tracks in all. Mammoth and taking you to places you have never been to. The weirder places to be exact. Perhaps you have been to these places. Do share.

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River Bones // Pure

river bones pure

Not really sure how the release schedule works over in France, but these albums are finding me somehow and I am grateful for their arrival. River Bones has something that most don’t. This album is as pure as the title suggests. Ambient and tribal with a touch of the dark witch leaning towards dark devotional. I am bedazzled. This artist is producing some rather fine examples of musical evolution. Merging new areas and taking the listener to higher grounds. Don’t want to piss all over this though. Listen to it and enjoy.

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Partisan // The Artisan

partisan the artisan

This guy has been all over the map recently producing a mountain of work. Three unique projects dropping in such a short period of time: Pe† Ceme†ery, The Dubwitch Horror and now Partisan. Each of these projects are indicatively different to the careful listener. The aficionado of the black arts will notice right away that Artisan is a exercise in modern industrial arts. Percussion of different varieties are apparent. According to the artist these include: marble, concrete, magma, shadows and N64 soundtrack data. These same elements lead to tracks consisting of manufactured grime and a push towards power ambient. I appreciate this intensity far too well.

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V▲LH▲LL // Leaning on Shadows


The duo composes haunting pieces with broad brush-strokes, influenced by witch house, neofolk, and industrial. Leaning on Shadows takes their project to new heights. It is at once haunting and ominous, but also shines with an unexpected whiteness. It is in fact, a thing of beauty.

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I don’t want to piss all over this and ruin it. I have to admit though that I liked this one from the get-go. Two dark as fuck tracks. The artist probably had more to offer, but was like “let’s just put our best two forward on this release and save the rest for a full album”.

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Marie Dior // Day Of Judgement

marie dior judgement day

Judgement Day came a little bit earlier than expected thanks to Marie Dior‘s tech genius. I often thought I would spend my last day on earth listening to all of this wonderful music that has found me. Thanks to Marie Dior there is treasure trove waiting for all of you here in hell. This is a smoothed out player with all kinds surprises. It was recorded like so many great albums before it in Berlin.

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