Partisan // II

partisan the artisan

Bunny, the artist behind the project Partisan, dropped this one in finality the other day after teasing us with a single by single countdown. This one opens up in true industrial fashion with the track “Fissure” with some tribal beats conducted on what sounds like a battalion of steel shopping carts clamoring about. Then we move on to “Iced Out” which sounds like a defective steel drum being bent into submission. This album is cinematic to the core. It belongs as a soundtrack to a futuristic movie of sorts. There are 4 remixes comprising the second half of this album. My favorite is Pe† Ceme†ery‘s Tectonic mix of Fissure the opener. You see Pe† Ceme†ery may very well be the alter ego of the same artist behind Partisan. That’s what music like this does it just seeds its self deep into your soul before grinding its way out again.

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Coco Carbomb and Witchboy // In With The Outzone

Coco Carbomb

There are moments on this here sound collage that remind me of some of those unique times when artists were creating artistry all their own. Something idiosyncratic. Something endogenous in scope. Some place in their own world of sorts. I can pinpoint where this collaboration from Coco Carbomb and Witchboy takes me. For me it was the year 1992 and I was just roaming the country in search for my identity. I was not lost nor found just searching. Sometimes you have to just roll the dice and see where life takes you. For me I ended up heading out on the road with some artists I admired. I had developed a keen skill of tuning instruments and breaking down kits. The memories that this record produces for me is unreal. I know one thing I will be taking this 18 tracker wherever I go. This is probably one of the best full lengths that I have heard in a long time. Deserving of a vinyl pressing with extensive album art.

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abyss pastel ghost

This is some of that dreamwave that I heard some kids from Northern California talking about just the other day. This is rather synthy and at the same time cute and I am stoked that Pastel Ghost is going almost shoe-gaze in their dreamy journeys. When the keys kick in I am in heaven or is it hell? It just brings the ambient into something more singer/songwriter which makes for a better trip. I am feeling this record a lot. Feeling it on my player for some time to come.

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Trust // Slug

As to be expected pretty much anything TRST has released has instantly become gold. This is just one more example of how this artist is unstoppable and how sweet and perfected his sound has become. I am not going to piss all over this though with words.

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Faded Lights

fdd lights

Warren, Michigan or Hell on earth as I like to call it has been bringing some darkened magic big time to my attention as of late. Faded Lights or FDD LIGHTS as they sometimes go by have delivered digital experimental odysseys that are mind expanding. Just came back from a trip and these guys were all that I listened to. My mind has been expanded into the minor key. It is now your turn to alter yours.

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Unicorn Domination // RMXD

Remixed Unicorn Domination

Unicorn Domination was instantly a classic when I first locked my ears on their debut Drala which catapulted them to the top albums of 2014. The band is back with a remix album enlisting the talent of several Portland producers (Obsidian Mirrors, Moniker, Zak Plum, SHK THT, Nicky Mason, Pipedream, Kid Kross) in addition to other national and international producers (Wasabi Bytes – Bangkok, Dee.f – Hanoi). The studio mastery is coming through in large amounts throughout. The polish is perfect, the luster even more perfect as studio magic is all over this gorgeous album. Each producer has really made each of these tracks their own while keeping Unicorn Dom’s shit intact. I almost like all of these tracks equally. These collaboration projects are either feast or famine for me. RMXD is certainly a fancy feast. Download this shit!

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v† // Escape


There are some consistent releases coming from Youth 1984. I don’t want to piss all over this effort by v†. Listen and enjoy.

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Tangled Memories // Ancient Sorrows

tangled memories

Some major low key-ness going on here from Tangled Memories a project by avant-garde musician Garett Pierre of Mid-Michigan. Or shall I say minor because that is the key that this is in. Dark ambient and atmospheric vibes coming through. Or if you prefer we’ll call it a paradisaical consolidation of Romantic-Gothic/Moody Witch House with ghostly-hazy Trip Hop, and Dark-Ambient Electronic effervesces. I know you bitches like labels, right?

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Some ghost vibe elements with a Crim3s-esque feel to it coming to you from San Antonio, Texas. The bedroom witch comes at you in full force with this one. It all ends in sweet symphony on the finale “Losing You” which features the likes of DVЯK SE▲ who puts the levels into the red. All for your listening pleasure. Fucking poetic. Now I’m Blue.

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Schonwald // Dream For The Fall


I like the beats on “Neon” and the way it kind of loops in a wondrous stance delirious of how pleasurable it is to the ears of the listener. It just kind of does its own thing but works very well for the music. This is one of my favorite artists. Schonwald just does not put out dull music. Everything is just where it needs to be which is a little beyond perfection. Schonwald’s music is also delivered in unconventional release formats where I can’t tell what is an album and what is a single. One record over there another track over there – that’s the modern era for you. I love the unconventional approach though and I am not complaining. However, “Dream for the Fall” was put out by Anywave and it is a pretty solid cohesive record. The tracks are leaking in over the cloud. Check it out!

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