Marnie // Wolves (Video)

Independence is about breaking away from those that limit you . It is about getting respect where respect is due. I admire those that forge their own way. I admire those that stand up to oppression. Those that have talent must break-away from those that don’t.

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DVЯK SE▲ // Heat

heat dark sea

There is only one sea that I venture into and it is dark. The opener on this one is some old school style goth vocals coupled with some witch brew backings. The rest of the album retreats back in to the house that we all know so well. I like this though. Heard it a couple times now and can’t seem to shake it. Dig it.

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LSTNGT – Sad Rave


Can’t sleep, so I vibe in the A.M. to this Sad Rave. This one takes some pointers from the best, but…it is its own art form in the end. I like Sad Rave from opener “Restoration 97″ to the end “The Universe is a Dark World Without You”. So much atmosphere and so much to offer you in your listening pleasure. One of my favorites so far this year as the bar has been notched up a bit and standards have risen.

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Fraunhofer Diffraction // Vice


This is some epic shit right here. The sampling, the oscillators, the beats…a brew like no other. Looks like we have some Witch 2.0 right here. You likey? I likey.

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Paul Dee’ Laek // Whitehouse


In the night the movement keeps progressing. Some good shit here. Whitehouse was released earlier this year. Just now hearing it. I have had quite a few micro-flashbacks since then. Sometimes the neurons in my brain don’t connect fully. This is good though. Realized is the word that I am looking for to describe it. I likey. I think I will just vibe to this for a while and contemplate my next move.

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Marnie // Wolves

marnie wolves

My penchant for Cracked LCD, Blue Jeans and the rest of the near perfect catalog of Ladytron is no mystery in these sultry parts. Marnie everyone’s favorite Tron is already releasing follow-up material to her debut solo album ‘Crystal World’ released back in August 2013. ‘Wolves’ offers an exciting first glimpse of her new album, due in 2015.

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IC3PEAK // ILL BE FOUND ( sadrmx)

ill be found

I like sad remixes. Note from the artist:

Probably ignored when I sent it to Stylss. Maybe it’s not good enough, but it was the last track I made for this project. This is the end for me.

Definitely good enough for hell. You blew our socks off! Good shit indeed.

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Goldies It must b love

Sometimes Sitemaster wants to get up and cut some rug. I dig this. Dig it!

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Dialing up some Slutgazer by Kaleidoscope Eyes. These bitches right here are not afraid to push the boundaries of art unlike most the shit you hear these-days. The phasers and noise….I fucking love this shit!

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Derek Hunter the Chaos Riddler // Surrealist Saints


Derek Hunter is an ambitious artist. Surrealist Saints is a covers album, each track a cover of original songs by the late and great band, Coil. Enjoy.

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