Niil Dymon // Issues

nill dymon

Fairly enamored by this brand spanking new release by Niil Dymon titled convincingly “Issues”. This tasty EP has me salivating for more. It just hit in the early A.M. and I am still playing these ace tracks in the P.M. without sleep. The entire EP is experimental yet intact enough from a songwriter’s perspective scoring high on my originality meter. I like it when artists tickle my fancy like this. It gives me a reason to go on living.

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FourColon // Dreams


Some dreamy cloud beats for y’all to vibe to. Check out Vicodin. It is a pain killer of a track something to come back to later. So stash that shit somewhere on an External and when you hit that same moment in your high…relive it. Aww yeah.

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Kitty Lectro // World Goth Day DJ Mix 2014

kitty lectro

Found this one on the cloud in celebration of the blackest day we all know. There is some Granddaddy Goth on here too:

The House Of Usher, Malaise, Dr. Arthur Krause, ANKST, Inkubus Sukkubus, The Drowning Season, Soulscape, After Dusk, The Council Of Days, Cauda Pavonis, Flowers Can Burn, Edenfall

Listen up.

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Shaita is a one-woman project from Zagreb, Croatia. Some damn good sounds coming from this artist too. Reminds me of my times out on tour with those crazy cats Sky Cries Mary. Also reminds me of the time when I discovered Naadyn. It is the originality that always gets to me. Digs deep into my soul. I am a slave for that solo artist shit. I am a slave for many things.

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AIRODOX // Royal Shock


Feels like I am tripping balls when I hear this one. Good mix of dark vibes going on here. I likey.

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Mr. Kitty // Time

Mr Kitty

Mr.Kitty’s Fourth album “Time” in purring loud on my player. Magical would be an understatement. Loving the one word song titles. Loving the heavier, punkier tracks which have Mr Kitty with his claws all out.

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we are gates

This is some pretty heavy shit in the sense of the way that emotions were used to fuel these recordings. I am floored to say the least. These guys are out of the gate fast and they are bringing it hard. Looking ever so forward to future releases. Keep these bitches on your dark radar.

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Phantogram // Black Out Days (Future Islands Remix)

phantogram black out days future islands remix

The Future Islands lead has a unique voice, but what makes their music pop out is the subtle pop undertows that pull you in to their songs. Liking their remix work here on Phantogram who normally has ridiculously minimal production going on. This was a necessary step to up the production. Prefer their collaboration efforts over their works alone.

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Crossover – Digging Your Own Grave Video plus a sneak of the upcoming album…

New video “Digging Your Own Grave” from Crossover. Simply exquisite because these bitches always deliver and innovation is definitely abound release after release. They have a new album, which will be their 6th in the works. Here is an exciting preview which will wet your whistle:

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iŋЅiđiŌυЅ GhŌЅ† // Obsessions 0711: Dark Water Lung


Aww Yea. This is what I am talking about right here. Getting all dark and tribal and shit with this Smörgåsbord of a darkened mix. This shit is all over my radar.

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