Phantogram // Black Out Days (Future Islands Remix)

phantogram black out days future islands remix

The Future Islands lead has a unique voice, but what makes their music pop out is the subtle pop undertows that pull you in to their songs. Liking their remix work here on Phantogram who normally has ridiculously minimal production going on. This was a necessary step to up the production. Prefer their collaboration efforts over their works alone.

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Crossover – Digging Your Own Grave Video plus a sneak of the upcoming album…

New video “Digging Your Own Grave” from Crossover. Simply exquisite because these bitches always deliver and innovation is definitely abound release after release. They have a new album, which will be their 6th in the works. Here is an exciting preview which will wet your whistle:

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iŋЅiđiŌυЅ GhŌЅ† // Obsessions 0711: Dark Water Lung


Aww Yea. This is what I am talking about right here. Getting all dark and tribal and shit with this Smörgåsbord of a darkened mix. This shit is all over my radar.

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Marxloh // A Thousand Times


Simply ‘perfect”, not a single blemish on Marxloh’s brand new milky Gothic long-player. Plan to roll this one “A Thousand Times” over. These 7 tracks ringing in at 28 minutes and 42 seconds is an accomplished and rather exhilarating ride through the extremely darkened waters that you will enjoy every gloomy second of. This is a ride of a fucking life time because it is one of those experiences that will teach you how to be more blackened and humble to the cruelty of the world. I will try not to piss all over this because sometimes there are those moments in life that the limited vocabulary of the English language can not express the monumental gain of an artistic accomplishment. If you want to push your senses to the max go and check out the full spectrum of this artist’s work which appears under other names: Svetlana Sins and Crueler.

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Pictureplane // Check Yo’ Ponytail Mixtape 2


Apparently someone held a gun to Pictureplane’s head and said produce this mix for us. Turned out pretty sick considering some of the Teenybopper content. That’s why they call it mixed media my bitches.

1. The unknow “sin”
2. Africa hitech “out in the streets”
3. Dj sketch “let’s have some fun”
4. Britney spears “till the world ends” (white sea extended club mix)
5. Tweet “oops” (dj k. Mills remix)
6. Young L “fluorescent lightings”
7. Suicide commando “at the end of your life”
8. Jager 90 “mulsken”
9. Burzum “war”
10. Autre ne veut “emotional”


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Gregory Allen Colson // Piano Movement 1

Gregory Allen Colson

It took a while to track this down, but I found something buried within the deepest pockets of the cloud from an artist that goes by his birth name. Some self produced tracks played with real instruments are on display here. Sounds right at home next to the likes of Godspeed You: Black Emperor but with a more soloist and naturalized approach. I find it very rewarding to come across authenticity in its raw form and to find solace in someone’s art-form. This is ideal background music for your next drive across the moon.

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Force Publique // Fragile

force publique

The new Force Publique track Fragile from the upcoming “Pure EP” out 07/18/2014 on Aural Sects. What is being described as “distressed post witch”. This is about as good as it gets my bitches.

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Fleece // R U There


Are you there? That is the question that I often ask myself. This artist goes by the name of Fleece and is providing some rather pleasant to the ear soundscapes which have me begging for more. I dig the perfect balance here between post witch and ambient electronic style production – the great backdrop music that is just fitting on any occasion. I expect more greatness from this artist in the future.

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Frank Ducks – Lately, I’ve Been Missing You

Word from the skaters on the street is Frank Ducks has a full length in the pipeline. Expect lots of Vapey, Retro, Housey and Italo type vibes on this release. Here is a sneak.

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TR3TT5 // Thawing a Fog

witch house

Some cinematic backdrop shit for you to vibe to. I am running low on fuel. Yesterday I decided to sit on a curb to take a break from the the relentless sun which was burning my back. Oh it burns my back all day. I sat down on a curb in a neighborhood and a schizo man came out and harassed me saying I was not allowed to sit in front of his house. None-the-less I gave him an earful of shit he has never heard before. His bewilderment and look of shock could be sensed from miles away. He then retreated with his tail between his legs stating he was calling the cops for verbal assault. I told him you walked into a hornet’s nest when you decided to engage in a conversation with me. Needless to say the sun makes me irritated and the shit I can normally take off of people is reduced immensely.

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