Pe† Ceme†ery // Time Tends to Wax and Wane

pet cemetary

The cinematic feel on “Time Tends to Wax and Wane” has chills flowing up and down my spine. The breaks flow in and out seamlessly like a stalker in the night. What I like most about this album is that it allows me to just be myself, a listener just admiring its wondrous beauty. Most of the mammoth 15 tracks are eloquently put together groomed with the most desired editing techniques. I shit you not, you can tell Pet Cemetery has spent a great deal of time working on this. The ease on your ears is proof. Time Tends to Wax and Wane has already made my list for the year and it has even been out a day – that’s how fucking good it is!

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Deja-Vulgar // Deja Vulgar EP

deja  vulgar

This one has me in a rock and hard place at 2:22. I am liking this for its smorgasbord of ambient, electro, sampling, street wise approach to the art form we all know as sound-scaping. I like to walk the streets. This will accompany me and may this be my lullaby for a simpler time.

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New Acoustic Synthesizer That Sounds like a Digital Synthesizer // Made for Goths in Mind

Goths will rejoice in the potential of this new acoustic instrument which will have them unplugging their digital synthesizers for something more substantial. The vast amount of sounds on display here will tickle the fancy of acts like Dead Can Dance and take the new ambient movement to territories unexplored. I expect a resurrection of the trusty Poet shirt for all players of this here device. I expect a lot.

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BRUXA // Disreprayer


I haven’t heard Bianca’s vocals on a Bruxa track for some time. Word is she moved out of the PDX. The music continues, more instrumental and sample driven than ever before. Though even half of the Bruxa that I have always known is better than the fully intact enter your band here ——-> ______________________. One track that still tickles my fancy is the teaming up with hard bass dropping Tombz on Succubi. Swell.

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MZ†FK // Panic [EP]


I was talking to this Russian fellow the other day who was telling me about Russian pop music. I told him yeah Russia produces some of the best Witch House. In-fact they are still producing that shit widely over there. This guy didn’t know what Witch House was or what the fuck I was talking about. Check out “Shut Ur Mouth”. It is a stellar track!

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☨HR33ΔM // Haunted Tapes // Chapter I


You probably arrived here looking for answers. Let me apologize in advance, I may not have the answer you want to hear. You chose the life you have lived apart from the circumstances in which you were born. The solution lies within you. Integrity is something that is historical in nature. You read about it in books. You hear Politicians all the time say they possess it. We all know it is a lost mode of being. I believe the answer lies within this one powerful word. Go and find it.

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Jesus God Sandal // Songs About MySpace


If you were to judge a book by its cover then this is a pretty good album to do so with. Darkly sweet all around. It is all up in your Witch House my Dark Bitches. Enjoy.

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Kaleidoscope Eyes // Swirl


This one takes me back a ways to a time when I escaped that Cult. Listened to a lot of shit that sounded just like this. I don’t have to name drop here, you know what I am talking about. The music gave me the courage to break away and to spread my wings and fly far far away. Needless to say I hiked to the nearest town which was about 30 miles away listening to similar shit as this. It was my breaking out of jail moment.

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Levana Sorrow // Possessed Paracusis

Levana Sorrow

Don’t know what kind of music they call this in the great land of the south, but for today let it be called “good shit”. I like to get down to this drone/ambient mix of sorts a lot lately. Seems to be the perfect soundtrack for my late age suicide. I am hoping the artist’s upcoming full length is of equal footing with all kinds of special guests and shit. All of my favorite artists come from OZ — so I am anxious who makes it on. What we showcase much of here in hell is artists’ first works, something I take a lot of pride in. This is classically a good first impression in my book — an artist wielding their own sound by doing their own thing.

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Tribade // Je vais détruire tout ce que tu aimes


Some music in the style of French down tempo elevator Goth right here. Just what Senior Sitemaster needs to exceed the status quo. I have grown quite home with new fresh cuts that just make you feel like nothing so contrived lately. I am up to my neck in Spice. Gives a whole new meaning to the “Spice of Life” saying that floats in and out of my useless existence.

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