Naadyn // Dinosaurs


Naadyn just dropped a sneak peak track from her upcoming full length entitled “Dinosaurs”. Note that this is a demo. There is nothing rough about this one though. It is crystal clear and blemish free in the eyes of your dark master. If you are frequenter of this hot yoga den then you may remember her sneak peaking another one entitled “Isis” back in December of 2013. It no longer exists, so you better hear this shit stat is what I am getting at. One of the best living artists of today. Get this shit now!

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spf50 // Magic Pills Theme


Instrumental from the feature-length film “Trillzone”. A Perfect instrumental for your walk into the unknown.

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Do not go Gentle into the Dying of the Light // Clear Vision Dream Productions


Unlock the inner potential to happiness. Come on a journey that will enlighten and maximize your overall aura. Dream sequences at low prices that will high mood fashion your lives.

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Proxy // Summergeddon Mix 2014

proxy summergeddon 2014 mix

Some techno-outed shit here. Enjoy.

01. Proxy – 10.000
02. Riton – Aloha Surfers!
03. Spank Rock – Vertigo
04. Modek – Clown In My Kitchen
05. Hrdvsion – Mr. Looser
06. Marseille – Save
07. Crookers – Able To Maximize
08. VEGA22 – Kepler
09. Claude VonStroke – Lay It Down Re-Smoked feat. DJ Nehpets (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
10. Mumbai Science feat. DJ Spank-Spank of PHuture – King Of The Top Floor
11. Dog Blood – Middle Finger Pt. 2 (Valentino Khan Remix)
12. Congorock, Daddys Groove – Synthemilk
13. GTA – The Crowd
14. Proxy – IRON
15. W&W & Blasterjaxx – Rocket

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Signs // Game Over

signs game over

This is probably my favorite Signs song so far. All the shit up until this point was just practice for this ultimate on fire track. This shit is rightly named too as it is “Game Over” for most in this genre-sphere. This new one titled “BassFace” (EP) drops tomorrow on Aural Sects. Get this shit while it is hot!

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Unicorn Domination // Linger Eyes (live)

Some live shit here from my heroes over at Unicorn Domination. I don’t know where this venue is but it looks pretty bad ass. I feel like I have been there, but I have been so many places on so many chemicals it is hard to recall. I like the focus tricks the cameraman is doing. The Bokeh is wild. The music tames me.

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Healthy Gothik Mix // Goths go to the Gym

healthy gothic

I see more and more Goths sweating it out at the gym. They get all dressed up in their black compression gear and gray-scale trainers. It really has help shed the age old stereotype of Goths not really being into healthy shit because we are all going to die anyways mentality. Or I hate when I sweat because my eyeliner gets into my eyes….another one I hear often. Here is the mix I would play if I was a health Goth in peak fitness condition on a one way ticket to hell because it is hot there and I like to sweat.

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Marie Celeste

marie celeste

Marie Celeste is a genuine mix of trip-hop and lo-fi electronic. Just scratched the surface with what I posted here. There is a sea of work available on her social media pages. The future never sounded so good.

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Coco CarBomb // Siamese Inside

coco carbomb

This is some rather original ear candy on display from this South African rapper that goes by the pen name Coco CarBomb. New album Siamese Inside dropped and it is a gorgeous mix of experimental electronic laced with rhymes. I took a trip earlier today while listening to this and it has enough hooks to keep me hooked.

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Put a gun to my head and paint the wall with my brains. Some rather intriguing sound infusions here.

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