Image Circle // Secret Pond

image circle moon mirror

The new age influence is apparent on this new Moon Mirror / Slow Head collab under the project name Image Circle. Check it out!

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Blvck Ceiling // Rogue


The limited cassette king is back with another fine blackened spacey industrial electronic collage. Don’t want to piss all over this. Enjoy!

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Bless​U // 222

drakes tears

Blessed U pulls together a great gift for us on this day that many of us celebrate most often.

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Neon Shudder // Hex Phase

neon shudder

Hex Phase is the new 5-tracker from none other than Neon Shudder a finalist from 2014’s darkest albums of the year. This newer release is an absolute ode to the late 1980s futurism that should have been realized via the soundtrack of a Sega console. I am about to head out to the desert in a few days and will be playing this album during my long journey throughout. I’m going to play it for friends, but mostly I will play it for myself. The standout for me is the carefully thought out and well orchestrated “Petrichor”. This track does everything I need it to. It builds and carefully disassembles its self like a fine art. Before you know it this album is over though. It is a fast player. It comes and it goes quickly.

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Mathbonus // Hellbores and Mania


This one takes me back to a long forgotten era where I would walk to the cliff above the icy sea to pier off into the distance knowing that nothing stood in front of me and an icy unfrequented continent. This is a clever album with so much variety within its wide spectrum of range covering so many areas that regulars of hell will cherish in their blackened hearts. The camp is calling this “experimental future beats”, but the labels could span a mile long given the variety here. I want to think of this as an album that I will return to many times over because it puts me in a mood that I want to return to again. I like the ambient nature of “Peripheral Wraith” that is visited several times on this album only broken up by other directions of experimental electronics. Another major standout track for me is the opener “one to have a morning smoke by” coupled with the synthy analog masterful piece known as “hellebores” which lends its self to the album title. This track has hints of Waterlaso in it, which is one of my favorites from over a decade ago when music was on a major path of evolution which brings as to this day in age. I could have not imagined it would be this good.

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This one person show that goes by the name of PalateNSe brings all kinds of instrumentation to the table including rhythm guitars, sad melodic vox, symphonic and atmospheric drum trigger and pads. The name of the game is a sort of ambient electronic alternative type of vibe that sits atop all its own. I have been vibing pretty heavy to this during the AM and it has held its own into the PM. Get it while it’s hot!

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This album Lost just hit the camp and it has supposedly been out since 2014. We will call this a re-release because sometimes shit gets overlooked. This cat has been putting out music in colossal amounts ranging from droned out to the more cinematic synthy side ambient works. There are also some collaborations whether it is offering remixes or getting remixed by artists such as BLVCK CEILING, Mr Kitty, SIDEWALKS AND SKELETONS, ✝BL▲CK C∆T and That was then this is now. Let’s just say Sitemaster is very impressed by the artist that goes by the name of SUICIDEWΛVЕ.

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†RIALS // †RIALS Remixed


Revisiting my black love for †RIALS on these here remixed tracks. These are remixes from the self titled debut EP from none other than Corroded Master, Sidewalks & Skeletons, OKKVLT KɅTT, Chainsaw Police, LastInFur, Owth, W H I † E, CA†HEDRA and Shinji who are all over †RIAL’s shit! Sidewalks And Skeletons takes it to the next level on Wasted. I have to say though LastInFur really fucking kills it on the track “LVRKER” with the Dead Again Remix. Fucking dance my ass off to this one.

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Granton // Cherry Blossoms

cherry blossoms granton

Blasting this new Granton “Cherry Blossoms” EP extra loud right now. The track “More Than Ever” is rather tasty for a cat like me who has been on the prowl for far too long. These pieces of ear candy right here have this cat chasing his tail. It is my catnip. It owns me. I let it own me. Try the track “Immunity” on for size.

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Eisenlager // What the fuck, grandma? (The whole story)


Just mellowing to some calm vibes courtesy of the new Eisenlager entitled What the fuck, grandma? (The whole story). This one has some ambient chill to the max factor going on all through out it. The fascination with me resides in its understated qualities. I live for the moments of blankness in a life with too many peaks and valleys. Just chill to the next episode.

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