Crossover // Funeral Flowers

crossover funeral flowers

You know the address. That’s right dark bitches keep dropping flowers next to my doorstep. This new Crossover hit the spot just in time for the dark season to begin its raining rituals. I can dig this Crossover direction and where it is taking me. I recall a place in my mind where independence and turning a new leaf was abound. This album would have made a good soundtrack for those lone warrior days. Right now though it warms my hi-fi.

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Shaolin // Transit Connections

shaolin transit connections

Sometimes you just want to chill. This one hits the chill spot for me big time in an icy cold fashion. Oh yeah.

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VI₣ // Guise


Love at first play with this new one from VI₣. I am liking the raw vox delivery with those real honest minimalist backings that just make the butterflies in your stomach flutter. It just lingers on for a bit and I would deem this as rather ballsy given everyone and I mean absolutely every artist I post here is washing their pipes with a multitude of effects.

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moon mirror

Just when shit was getting too dark for me (yeah like that ever happens, like darkness could get the best of me) Moon Mirror drops some very meaty synth riffs on her new single FANTASYxREALITY. I am digging this direction which she has been hinting ever so gracefully since Tiger Call one of the many stand-out tracks from one of my favorites of all time Transference. When played back to back with Unicorns I am liking this west goes east styling which has the artist illuminating our blackened hearts with treats of the orient where depression can reach seppuku proportions. Sometimes I am humbled by those even more darkened than me. Sometimes those that have talents that far outweigh mine make me further envious of their mastery. This is where fantasy meets reality for me.

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Agate Rollings // Lost Battle Against Failure


This Italian duo is producing some rather dark ambient recordings deeply suitable for a long walk through a moist forest. I think you should pop this on and groove to the long sustained notes with me. Good thing is, if you like this, they have even a newer album out. Check these recordings out first though!

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Sebastien Schuller // Heat Wave

heat wave sebastien schuller

Sebastien Schuller brings on the heatwave just as my summer ends. This is a very complete album. In-fact, this offering reminds me of Disintegration which is really the Holy Darkened Grail music-wise for me. When I get re-reminded of Disintegration I instantly get chills down the back of my spine. This is how I really chill. This is how you should chill too my dark-one.

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take my breath away cimamuta

Nice cover here of one of the most reverb-saturated-tracks to ever come out of the 80s flight school. So what did CIMΔ MUTΔ do? Went and added 400 more layers of reverb, so by the end of the song it is bouncing around in a black hole for eternity. I am liking this German made project. There is much good work on display. This is some solid state shit here.

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Marnie // Wolves (Video)

Independence is about breaking away from those that limit you . It is about getting respect where respect is due. I admire those that forge their own way. I admire those that stand up to oppression. Those that have talent must break-away from those that don’t.

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DVЯK SE▲ // Heat

heat dark sea

There is only one sea that I venture into and it is dark. The opener on this one is some old school style goth vocals coupled with some witch brew backings. The rest of the album retreats back in to the house that we all know so well. I like this though. Heard it a couple times now and can’t seem to shake it. Dig it.

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LSTNGT – Sad Rave


Can’t sleep, so I vibe in the A.M. to this Sad Rave. This one takes some pointers from the best, but…it is its own art form in the end. I like Sad Rave from opener “Restoration 97″ to the end “The Universe is a Dark World Without You”. So much atmosphere and so much to offer you in your listening pleasure. One of my favorites so far this year as the bar has been notched up a bit and standards have risen.

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