Force Publique // Fragile

force publique

The new Force Publique track Fragile from the upcoming “Pure EP” out 07/18/2014 on Aural Sects. What is being described as “distressed post witch”. This is about as good as it gets my bitches.

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Fleece // R U There


Are you there? That is the question that I often ask myself. This artist goes by the name of Fleece and is providing some rather pleasant to the ear soundscapes which have me begging for more. I dig the perfect balance here between post witch and ambient electronic style production – the great backdrop music that is just fitting on any occasion. I expect more greatness from this artist in the future.

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Frank Ducks – Lately, I’ve Been Missing You

Word from the skaters on the street is Frank Ducks has a full length in the pipeline. Expect lots of Vapey, Retro, Housey and Italo type vibes on this release. Here is a sneak.

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TR3TT5 // Thawing a Fog

witch house

Some cinematic backdrop shit for you to vibe to. I am running low on fuel. Yesterday I decided to sit on a curb to take a break from the the relentless sun which was burning my back. Oh it burns my back all day. I sat down on a curb in a neighborhood and a schizo man came out and harassed me saying I was not allowed to sit in front of his house. None-the-less I gave him an earful of shit he has never heard before. His bewilderment and look of shock could be sensed from miles away. He then retreated with his tail between his legs stating he was calling the cops for verbal assault. I told him you walked into a hornet’s nest when you decided to engage in a conversation with me. Needless to say the sun makes me irritated and the shit I can normally take off of people is reduced immensely.

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Ashrae Fax // “CHKN”


This reminds me of a band I used to roadie for back in my more youthful incarnation. They said she had the voice of God. This Mexican Summer artist, the same label that gave us the well crafted Tamaryn, has produced the closest resemblance to the Cocteau Twins beyond just being influenced by them. My assestment is based off of this one track. I look forward to hearing their full album from start to finish which is to be called ‘Never Really Been Into It’ available on September 26, 2014 on Mexican Summer.

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IC3PEAK // I’ll Be Found Remixes EP


Some masters lending their expertise to the dark remix arts. MXXN, Sidewalks and Skeletons, Tyler Tastemaker are all on here. Not a lot of information on this artist as of yet and that’s how we like to keep shit here in hell…on the real down low, minimal, obscure and always fresh.

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BRUXA // WitchHunty

Bruxa Witchhunty

Going to get WitchHunty with the lovely Mofos with the hardest rhymes this side of of the Columbia. This one is from “I Don’t Love You Anymore” the EP that will make you cream your jeans. These cats keep exploiting the “I am hardened from life” vibe majorly. It is something both myself and the readers on this thingamajig can relate to. Straight oath!

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BANKS /// Drowning (Lido Remix) Free Download


I am the cheapest whore I know, and that is nothing to be proud of.

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Sons of Magdalene /// Can’t Won’t Don’t Want To


I’m just going to say fucking amazing and leave it at that. I can only piss on this with words.

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Daze of Heaven // Los Angeles


Some rather amazing soundscapes on this one. Just when you thought you were already predestined in your journey these guys re-write the rules.

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