Hustlebnes // Nightmare Loop


We are about eight weeks out from the dark season when shit begins to die which means expect an onslaught of dark sounds to hit the cloud and camp. Kick off the season with this fresh one here by Hustlebnes. It is dark and loopy just as the packaging promises. As you know, I like repetitive shit big time. Repetition creates perfection. Shit just gets better.

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Funny Death // Real is Magic is Real

funny death

Aw yeah. This is some freshness here. I likey big time. Nice home studio recording work here. Authentic and what not. I can listen to this shit all day.

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Riftrune // Witches in the Cellar


Liner notes simply read…”Witches in the Cellar” is what plays in the background of your life as you slowly creep down the stairs to see what those sweet old ladies are up to in your basement.

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Derek Hunter the Chaos Riddler // Major Arcana

chaos riddler derek

The Chaos Riddler is back and he riddles us with another beautiful concept album. The 22 tracks represent each of the 22 Major Arcana (Trump) cards in Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot deck. The album is entirely instrumental, with Derek’s voice used instrumentally with a distorted effect. This piece of art here is his most ambitious yet. Get over to the camp for bands and download this shit!

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Kzakkttixx // Dark Ambient

dark ambient

Just in case you don’t know what kind of music Kzakkttixx makes, the artist spelled it out for you on this release. This is border-lining on drone. The sound-waves have been slowed down to a running in water pace. Works perfectly for when you want to have a low productivity day. This album will not do you any favors in the short run, it is intended for long distant runners.

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Post-Nature is LUCIANBLOMKAMP’s debut album released through Yes Please / Remote Control. It has that almost ambient acid jazz thing going on throughout. Often refer to this as journey music. This is very palatable.

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Zex Model // Rokk

zex model

This new one by Zex Model is from the forthcoming split-release with Statiqbloom coming out on Desire Records. Going to be released in the end of October or early November or what I like to call the “Devil’s Season”.

The Skinny Puppy influence is apparent, but I might even have to say that Zex trumped Puppy on the experimentalism gage that fiddles with a classic industrial atmosphere taking the re-emergence of the genre to new speeds. I would hope that Skinny Puppy would have Zex Model produce some of their forthcoming material. This is a damn good example of how its done right now in the now.

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Street Astrology Mix

street astrology

Street Astrology was created in great spirits and a very inspired collaborative fashion.

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Signs // Bassface EP


This is a pretty much perfect offering via Mischa Glitter of Signs. So many artists stretch themselves to make an LP where about half the songs are phoned in, but Signs focuses like a laser and delivers on 7 nearly perfect anthems. This is one of my favorites so far this year. Much attention is paid to detail here which makes this very easy to listen to over and over. Not a surprise though from one of my favorite artists where each release has been a steady improvement from a beginning born out of excellence.

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Starry Eyes Soundtrack

kissing tracy

The thin line between dark cinematic beauty and that provided by the bedroom ambient artist is disappearing with releases like this. Heard the music, now I can’t wait to see the film.

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