Molly Nilsson // H.O.P.E.

molly nillson

Molly Nilsson always strikes a somber chord with me. Are you lonesome tonight? So asks the song. Even her upbeat songs have a sad meaning behind them. You see I know where she is coming from and if you are going to ever write a sad song you ought to as well.

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Lemniscata // Untitled


This album showcases why having a vocalist can help take your experimental instrumental project to new heights where it can be taken seriously by the broader listening community. Fans of music are just hardwired to want to hear vocal instrumentation in play. This one comes via Teapression Waves, where the Russian invasion of this dark sound continues. I think you are going to enjoy this one my insatiable one.

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DEATHH CVLT // I Will Take Your Light

death cult

There is some solitude coming through on the track “buried flesh” that works in great proportions to put me in that dark mood that I need to be put in. This is my favorite track on this 3-songer that goes by the name “I Will Take Your Light”. This sunshine state artist is hitting the dark chord well making the sky blackened. There is a wealth of music including a shit ton of remixes and collaborations on this artists’ cloud. You need to spend a day or two on there taking it all in.

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Polly Dactyly

Alyssa Besenty

Just went down a rabbit hole into the ambient ethereal underworld that is Polly Dactyly. I like the places that this artist takes me. I feel I have entered another dimension when I hear these tracks. The song “Chewed on Daisies” has me having flashbacks of Rites Wild earlier material, which is a place I like to return to often. Music is an escape. No matter how harsh your life gets you can use music to escape to an almost resort like setting where there is no limitations to what you desire. This is perfect music to do just that.

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Partisan // Fissure

partisan the artisan

Been listening a lot lately to this artist’s latest project that goes by the name of “Partisan” and sometimes referred to as “Partisan the Artisan” depending on where you get your information from. You may also know some of his work from the now concluded project Pe† Ceme†ery. Nomenclature wise, I do think the Artisan title is well deserved because this is truly some modern industrial artisan style work on display here. The title fits the bill well for me. I like the pounding nature of these tracks and how they take you to places less traveled with a cadence made of raw materials like if the periodical table was made for sound.

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pvty kerry

I will let this shit from Pvty Kerry speak for its self. There is no doubt these recordings are high on experimentation reaching epic proportions. I like the way everything just jives together in a cauldron of odd ideas becoming a soup of sound so to speak. You know I like the odd things in life too. I like to feel strange like waking up in a park somewhere with a lot of unaccounted time not knowing how I ended up there.

Heard a lot of buzz coming over the shit conveyor belt that is social media about the Granny Awards. I can’t believe that bullshit show is still on. Especially after taking an ass beating thanks to the horizontal effect of the Internet on distribution. A lot of people were talking about that guy that is married to that Kardashian and some self proclaimed Loser who won an award off of some high budget album that was mediocre at best. Some say those self congratulatory corporate award shows are designed to keep the same artists in power no matter how bland and creatively limited they have become. Any real artist that by fluke received such an award would take the opportunity to wipe their ass with the award. Most creatives know that the outcomes of these award shows is not based on artistic merit but on corporate sponsorship and a industry of mediocrity. Any artist posted here is way better than any of the shit displayed last night. I will back that shit up with a lifetime guarantee. On that note introducing PVTY KERRY.

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Mr. Kitty // Some remixes plus some covers

mr kitty better off alone

The dark dance-able and highly addictive Mr. Kitty has brought forth a few additional tracks on the cloud as of late. There is a down beat cover version of “Better Off Alone” which is purring on my player as I write. Two other fine remixes from the stellar Time album which was slated as one of last year’s best. Plus I posted the Suffocation (Cover) here for good measure. Always hard at work producing high quality shit this cat. No doubt.

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Hurtr – Hurtr EP


The fellow from Bruxa (Derek Stilwell) came back to us with a project called HURTR back in 2013 where he teams up with vocalist Heidi Hull up in that darkened wetland called Portland. Posting this EP which dropped a while back, in anticipation of their upcoming release due out around end of this month. This project is a little different direction than previous work. It almost comes off in the realm of trip-hop (since I know you all love labels). Darkness prevails on this project though. As they say you can take the boy out of the black forest but you can’t take the black forest out of the boy.  We are looking very forward to their next release and hope this older EP gets you in the mood.

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What have I been doing with my life? On an originality scale with 1 being a blatant rip-off, 5 representing wiping the line off of the middle of the road and 10 representing pioneering some new shit and doing it flawlessly…MAHR represents about a 10. This comes from the founder of Pale Noir, the label that I am constantly finding myself return to for inspiration. Though the ambient, ethereal, experimental, drone, electronic tags don’t really apply here, you will like this if you enjoy that type of music.

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A couple of new tracks from the audiovisual terrorists IC3PEAK who always bring it harder than hard. Some are calling this trap flavored witch because these blackened artists know how to hit the dark vibe that we are all striving for. I’m trapped in it right alongside you. I want this moment to be for an eternity. Trapped for life. Trapped in the black.

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