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It’s that fucking time again, get ready to dump out your wallet on the crystal castles offerings alter, again I’m constantly embarrassed to say that it is FUCKING WORTH IT. How does this dude continue to do it? I have no fucking clue, but well worth you time. I’m be a twat here and say DECIDE TO LISTEN TO THIS SHIT:

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D e p r e s s e d 0 4 0 // deathcvlt


You probably think you are depressed, but wait until you hear this shit. You are in for one wicked roller-coaster ride in the dark. You know I don’t lie when it comes to the sanctity of the music I present here on this alter for your soul’s nourishment. The oscillators are at full max, the amazing samples are all over the fucking amazing map. This one is in full overdrive and I am loving every second as it continuously punches me in the chest. It may be a hot summer day here in the Northern hemisphere on the edge of this forest that I call home, but this Swedish artist takes me to a place much colder and ventilates some darkened melancholy.

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Prison for Kids // Revived Divine

prison for kids

The Kids are one of my all-time favorite artists doing what they are doing today in the modern shit fest which is the post apocalyptic days of the dead music industry. When I say “artist” I mean that shit in big amounts too! Call it the highest form of flattery around. Real artists are the types that are constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity. I have not heard a Prison For Kids album yet that sounds anything like a previous release. And…they are not going off and making unpalatable garbage either. Every album is a gift to my hungry ears and I am all over that shit as fast as they release it. I like to dabble my deep dark dives with experimental dreamy gaze and this is where “Revived Divine” fits in to my best laid plans. Take the opener “On Night” which teases the soundtrack of my darkened slumbers. Then wash it away with embracing pop structures which is all-together abandoned song after song for warped experimental soundscapes. I believe it is the crystalline notes that ultimately leads this black cat down a path of unique propulsive experimentation. Get this shit today!

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Dead Dreamer // Ночь Молода


The already shaky FREE Wi-Fi at the Burger King gets turned off around midnight so it took me a while to find this release by Phantasma. Dead Dreamer releases Ночь Молода and it is just purely surreal. In my world that’s a good sign and it shows that the artist is tapping some majorly deep cuts from the darkness abound. By the time the track “Mystical Sparks” rolls around I know the album has me as its prisoner in an infinite loop of repeat plays. This is one of my favorites of the year thus far and you will entirely agree once you play this bad boy.

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Witchboard // The Shivering Sands


Some enigmatic shit right here. I like the cinematic feel and the ultra down tempo that massages my mind. The 2nd track in “Night Ride in Red” gently strokes my temple while the finale “Shadows Lie Sleeping” takes me a bit back to the era of Seventeen Seconds when I was a young lad growing up on the Great Plains. Maybe it is the simplicity, perhaps the minimalism that taps this consciousness of mine. I’m game for more Witchboard. This one is already destined for my top 2015 albums. Yep I just said that. Keep making your sweet melodies.

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beef❀ (Beef Flower Emoji) // GAMES


Some zany electronic ethereal trapped out beats going on all over this new one from Beef ❀ (pronounced “Beef Flower Emoji”). This Japanese sly dog who also claims some association with Portland according to his FB page is dropping some mad bass throughout. Although titled as video game music, this one deserves to be mixed into your next outing away from the monitor. Perfect for vibing to on your walks through the urban jungle or rides on the city cat. Just chill to the next episode.

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Trip Cult // Compendium [Werkschau 2008-2014]

trip cult

Feeling retrospective on this collection of old and previously unreleased Trip Cult songs. There are some gems on here from “A Gospel For A Struggling Artist” to “Underwater” – two of my favorite tracks on this collection. Trip Cult puts it all on the line here (by showing us a less visited side) and my player is gobbling up each track on the originality factor which we pay high points to here in hell.

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Canopy Ravens // Fever Dream

Fever Dream

Going to eat more space cakes with this mammoth 3-tracker EP entitled Fever Dream by none other than Canopy Ravens. Feeling the vibe here as I enter the warmer season of my life. My night sweats turn into day-sweats and I am one moist boy throughout. This highly experimental electronic release is just my kind of album. The understated bass vibes that chill hard at the core with the repetitious keys just pinging my empty cavity where my soul used to rest. It is all here for you and more. I expect you to DOWNLOAD THIS SHIT!

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I VACATION IN YOUR FILM /// Ex-DOMINATRIX: A TRUE STORY + Noko Score + BDSM + Get Your Music In The Film

SUBMIT Your Music To Be Featured In The Film

There’s quite a few good things going on here, one is very obvious. I was tipped off about this film yesterday and holy crap I HOPE THIS HAPPENS. So apparently Noko, who has been in all fucking sorts of amazing bands (The Cure, Pigface, Magazine) but most notably one of my favorite obscure 80’s groups Luxuria (if you don’t know this shit I’m putting the video below) is scoring this film, so damn, I’m in already.

According to the website it’s about the TRUE STORY one of Europe’s most EXTREME DOMINATRIXES, and I’m guessing since they invented this shit those are words are probably an understatement. Apparently she had a high profile client who died during one of her sessions, and this film recounts that story and many other shocking tales from her life and career. Check out the trailer here:

Long story short, you’ve got a shot to get your music featured alongside Noko’s score in this film, which is clearly going to be a big deal, and one of the top documentaries of the year, they’re taking submissions for music through their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. So if you’ve got a track or a song you can lay it out for them right now and they have to listen to each and every song if you take the £10 perk here.

Check out their crowdfunding campaign:, share the campaign or throw them a few dollars if you can, and help them make this happen for like fucking real so I can see this shit!!

Here’s more info on their website:


Like their shit on Facebook:

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Damn Whøre // Buy Bleach

buy bleach damn whore

I have one thing to say about this: จ.พระนครศรีอยุธยา

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