CLVRS brings many different ingredients to the cauldron on this strong debut DЯIFT. Instrumental in scope and darkened by the influences of trip-hop, horror-score, electro-glitch. This 7-tracker is a odyssey that takes you to many destinations in one listen. One moment you feel like you are floating in a sci-fi lab of an abandoned building blanketed by darkened corridors of solitude, the next moment you are lost in a maze of musical mesmerization. There are moments when the witch surfaces, but this album is mostly a showcase of the journey of sound. Makes me proud to know bitches are making music this beautiful. Carry on.

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IVVVO // Redux

ivvo redux

Redux” is an effective distillation of all various styles laid bare across the seven-tracker. Dense ambient drift is pockmarked by unplaceable effects, occasionally thinning to reveal tumbling, lumpen low-end before enveloping the track’s body once again; a surprisingly agreeable turn.

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The Dubwitch Horror // The Dubwitch Horror

dub witch horror

Some soundtrack offerings from The Dubwitch Horror. This is one of several projects from the artist behind the artist who has been busy as shit while the fruits of his labor are harvested for our delightful enjoyment.

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River Bones // A Greater Love

river bones

River Bones started making waves right around the time I OD’d last year so I feel left out having missed out on their masterful craft when they were in their prime coming of age. I have been fully enthralled by their majestic catalog as of late. This is some of the best shit I have heard all year, no journalistic fluff —–> this is the real deal. The fantastic glitch and vocal slow downs coupled with the tricked out beats has had me chasing the dragon non-stop. The songs on “A Greater Love” are laser guided with focus which makes them palatable for all kinds of listening experiences. Their entire catalog is worth an investment of your time and consideration. DOWNLOAD THIS SHIT!!!!

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Astrosuka – ​|​|​|​|

|​|​|​| by Astrosuka

Blows my already blown mind every-time Aural Sects releases a new album or premiers an artist. I feel like they unzip my listening pleasure regularly, taking me for a cruise through the darkest most unfrequented waters around. With these bitches as my captain we venture into a body of water that is an azure grey that mirrors the blackened sky that no one else has the balls to drift into. Astrosuka’s “|​|​|​|” has cut my world into many dimensions. The microtization of song-craft on display here —> where many songs and melodies are encompassing a single track has me listening closely and many times to uncover its full meaning.

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Str GirlL // Str GirlL

str girl

The wonderful world of electro always on showcase here. Not a single sample of a human voice here. If you are annoyed by humans these 7 tracks are for you.

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Dark Nature // Bright Dark

dark nature bright dark

A little Bright Dark brought to you by Dark Nature. Oh yeah. Dark and ambient to the core. Plays like a wintry soundtrack for your darkest nights. The beats just cut through you until your eventual loss of blood takes you into the afterlife. You know this hits the spot. You know you will come back begging for more.

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GrΣγci†γ // SØmε †Δlεs In GrεγscΔlεs


Not all tales end happy. The witch does not die here. It just grows stronger and stronger. The passion compounds. It is a never ending plight.

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HɅSHMɅLVM // Judgement

HɅSHMɅLVM  Judgement

Some dark witch brew to start your week off on the right foot. I will let this shit right here speak for its self.

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Molly Nilsson // Ugly Girl

I have known some ugly girls in my time who probably thought of me as the ugly one.

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