I VACATION IN YOUR FILM /// Ex-DOMINATRIX: A TRUE STORY + Noko Score + BDSM + Get Your Music In The Film

SUBMIT Your Music To Be Featured In The Film

There’s quite a few good things going on here, one is very obvious. I was tipped off about this film yesterday and holy crap I HOPE THIS HAPPENS. So apparently Noko, who has been in all fucking sorts of amazing bands (The Cure, Pigface, Magazine) but most notably one of my favorite obscure 80’s groups Luxuria (if you don’t know this shit I’m putting the video below) is scoring this film, so damn, I’m in already.

According to the website it’s about the TRUE STORY one of Europe’s most EXTREME DOMINATRIXES, and I’m guessing since they invented this shit those are words are probably an understatement. Apparently she had a high profile client who died during one of her sessions, and this film recounts that story and many other shocking tales from her life and career. Check out the trailer here:

Long story short, you’ve got a shot to get your music featured alongside Noko’s score in this film, which is clearly going to be a big deal, and one of the top documentaries of the year, they’re taking submissions for music through their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. So if you’ve got a track or a song you can lay it out for them right now and they have to listen to each and every song if you take the £10 perk here.

Check out their crowdfunding campaign: http://igg.me/at/ex-dominatrix, share the campaign or throw them a few dollars if you can, and help them make this happen for like fucking real so I can see this shit!!

Here’s more info on their website: http://www.ex-movie.com


Like their shit on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dominatrix.movie

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Damn Whøre // Buy Bleach

buy bleach damn whore

I have one thing to say about this: จ.พระนครศรีอยุธยา

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It was always a bit of a deep urban myth for me, but it exists Goth Gangsta Rap is here. Glad I could hear the day.

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Death: Anno Domini // Pleading Through The Suicide

Pleading Through The Suicide Death: Anno Domini

Taking a turn from previous works, this track gives you teaser from the upcoming album: “The Exhausting Vomiting of my Sorrows”. This artist has found some darkness in doom/black metal by marrying it up with trap style rhythms accompanied by epic trance synths. This sinister pool of emotion leaves you feeling drained of life and left in a quivering beautiful depressed state.

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APEXYS // Family Cvlt

family cult  apexys

Most impressed by this new APEXYS entitled Family Cvlt. Hell of a selection of samples on this one. I mostly like the in your face approach to the electronics which pushes the envelope at each decimal. The music varies with the help of guests †▼BF▼CK, Santiago Paskuda, Dead Dreamer and Pangaea Ultima. A nice well rounded album this one. Check it out.

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Velvet Luna / Teen love // Split

teen love velvet luna

Some low ambient chill pop sweetness here. Like this effort a lot. It reminds me of a more innocent time when I was a young kat with not a worry in the world. Music can do that for you though. It can take you back on a sort of mind vacation to a place when you felt more secure and at ease. This is what this one does for me. Let’s see if it has what it takes to do the same for you.

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SVGAWA x Tears of Eve // Deadman Dreams

night terror

Night Terrors, a small boutique label is putting out some rather dark vibes lately. Just started indulging in the brand new SVGAWA x Tears of Eve – DEADMAN DREAMS. It took me places in the early A.M. that I am not going to divulge in completely. Getting a rather cinematic vibe from this long player. These tracks are albums in themselves.

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Chrome Mole Monocle // Shooting Stars (feat. Mita Lupa)

chrome mole 2

Riding the ambient waves of this soothing experimental track right here. It just washes over you like a daydream gaze. Couldn’t really find anything else from this mole. Maybe I was looking in all the wrong holes. If someone knows where to find more of this mole’s shit please send me a message.

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† CΛIN † // Open Your Maze

open your maze

Been seriously considering opening my gates and entering the maze that is my mind once again. Last time I was stuck in there for what seemed like an eternity. This 6-tracker has my back and I intend on taking it with me on whatever journey I end up taking. It has the kind of musical soundtrack narrative I need. Check this shit out!

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Karel Goldbaum // Dead Addiction

karel goldbaum

When I look into the fiery dead eyes of this cat I can see a vision of grandeur. Not a illusion. Not a delusion. Rather a vision! Cowshed Records is a Polish, Warsaw based independent electronic netlabel, formed by Karel Goldbaum in 2011. The label seems to be a way for Karel Goldbaum to release dark electronic music with, a vessel of sorts. There is some quality ambient, drone, industrial, electronic happening on these here tracks. Enjoy the silence, because words are very unnecessary with this type of music.

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