Marie Davidson // Perte d’identité

marie davidson

It has been a gradual battle up a slippery slope of two steps forward 3 steps back. Every now and then I get a glimmer of hope. Sometime I hope to make it there.

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MATER SUSPIRIA VISION // The Torture Chamber Of Paganini (BLACK EGG REMIX)

mater suspiria

This remix made my morning especially blackened. This is some really dark ambient from one of the greats being remixed by Black Egg. This is some of the first shit I have heard from Black Egg, but I like what I hear so far. If they are mixing shit this good, then I can imagine that their own offerings are going to be just as tasty.

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Kissy Girls // Be Patient

Be Patient

I have been following the trippy-hop offerings of Kissy Girls since they caught my attention with Home Safely. The sky is the limit given their obvious talents which are perfected arrangements and vocal abilities of a higher pedigree. You could even enjoy some of their music with your elders, because there is some adult contemporary crossover here that I am not ashamed to admit I likey because I find this approach somewhat appealing when the mood strikes me. I do have an urge for them to explore more darker edgy offerings with a hint of hard hittingness. I think if they were offering this while keeping faithful to their musical abilities, then we could witness a top artist transform in 2014 to the Top of the Goth. With that said, sometimes my advice might be ill-received and take an artist down a road that they are not prepared to journey down. I say this from the perspective of a fan looking at the artist from afar and looking forward to future releases.

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Casey J. Cooper // And I Will Rise

casey cooper ambient

This is some of that pretty cinematic ambient music that I have been aiming to listen to more of but never get to because I never seem to know where my happy place is. Not to say that this is not dark. Some of the darkest shit comes packaged up as mild and not too overbearing which I have to agree is my preference on occasion. This one kind of ended up on my lap – so I applaud the artist for getting my attention. I haven’t been able to move much as of lately, so any help is appreciated. There are so many peaks and valleys on this “And I Will Rise” EP and the instrumentation is accomplished and the variety is something you don’t get much of these days. It is compositional and although I don’t like to use this word so often “beautiful”.

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Daniel Klag // Twin Labyrinths

twin labyrinths

Twin Labyrinths, an album inspired by a short story by Borges (1939). Daniel Klag constructs a maze of ambient sounds that some would even be weary of entering, but upon commitment this is a pleasantry of sound that cascades its relaxation properties upon your tired soul. Enjoy my musical travelers.

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Old Manual // リング

old manual

This is a worldly sound collage production of sorts that goes by the name of Old Manual via Portugal. I don’t get to do much travel outside of my imagination so its nice when artists bring their worldliness to a zero dollar budget fellow such as myself. I am really digging the unorthodox selection of synths on this one. I like the accented beats, puts my headache to sleep. You see these producers types when they are not producing bullshit pop music for their friends, they go off on these musical odysseys which are essential for discovering new techniques and pondering new directions. I myself like to be right next to them discovering new territory and breaking new ground. Check this shit out! I will also file this in the Rabbit Hole.

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▲NDRΛS // Invisible

andras invisible

Some genius samples on this new one entitled Invisible (not to be confused with Invincible — a previous incarnation) from one of my favorite Grave Wave Producers of all time ▲NDRΛS. There is so much cinematic beauty via the instrumentation on Invisble that it feels like a machine gun of synths being shot at you while you stand on the firing line. ▲NDRΛS is taking his craft to higher levels with an almost seamless offering from front to end which makes me likey a lot.

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Sasha Siem // Proof

Rarely, do I come across artists that become successful after having gone to school to learn how to become more artistic. Art is a field based off of the imagination and what they teach you in school tends to erode creativity. They can teach you how to cover existing works, scales inside and out and about the masters that came before you, but what about creativity — something that is innate? I think unlearning what you have learned is key if you want to make the leap from trained to artist. This artist does a pretty good job making the leap.

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Sandy // Growl

sandy growl

This bedroom goth song is reminiscent of old Sky Cries Mary demos I used to vibe to. There is also something cutting edge about this song. Cutting edge as in I want to cut myself to this. I am no stranger to sharp objects, but I am also savvy enough not to end up in the ER. This one may cut you.

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Jeremih – F*ck u all the time (Dolphin Tears Remix)

dolphin tears

This is an exotic post sea punk creation with some club friendly workings from the original author Jeremih. I don’t like any of Jeremih’s shit on his own, but Dolphin Tears make it a worthwhile listen when they kind of strip this one and re-build it in their own vision. It kind of exists in its own parallel universe, where things are just kind of weirder than you are probably used to. That weirdness is pretty much normal for me.

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