The Saddest Disco Alive!!! Waterlaso – “Heartbreak Celebration” New Album!!!

Fuckkkk! I’m not exactly sure what they’re doing, but they fucking did it again. Their last single was a searing industrial/pop cover of Piano Magic’s “Disaffected,” which I posted recently. But now they’ve fucking gone off another bridge, and wrote some brutally sad disco. Honestly a fucking crushing dance anthem, could have gone off into Bee Gee’s wank country, but this melody was able to pause my disgust for the world long enough to shed a single tear. This band has been around a long time with no attention, 15 plus years, but I think the cover alone will sell this next one to boys too embarrassed to buy porn. I’m coining a new genre for this, Suicide Disco.

Waterlaso "Wet"

Free Download From Mountain Fighting Records, or here:


I Vacation In Your Hell
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