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It’s my job to find new music, so I listen all day, every day, to find the best out there. When I came across Naadyn, I was blown away, honestly the single most exciting new artist I’ve discovered in the last year. If you like The Knife, Lamb, Zola Jesus, Fever Ray, Grimes, consider this post my birthday present to you. Her music is some of the most inspiring and refreshingly fully rendered of anything that’s come out in the past decade, maybe even since Silent Shout. Her new album is called TROR and is full of fucking amazing jams, her programming is spot on, and her voice surreal. Listen here to “Förstår Mig,” “White Horse,” and “Light of Day.” Here’s the interview:

Can you tell me about Naadyn, how are the songs written, is it a collaboration, or do you produce all your own music?

I founded Naadyn (old bandname Tape3000) in 2007. All songs are written and produced by myself. I started to learn some programs and composed melodies with a synthesizer (Microkorg). Over the years my music changed and I finally found what my sound should be like. I still record melodies, work a lot to find the right arrangement and add my voice. But the way how I produce my songs is basically the same: Sitting in my room, dim light, a computer and a synthesizer, some chocolate, three cats and a night that becomes a day.

Where do you take inspiration from for your lyrics?

Whenever I start a new song, I dont really know where it will end. I never have a clear vision before. I think of a feeling or a moment and let the song grow. When I finished the song, I try to find some lyrics to express that feeling I had. But mostly it is not my intention that the listener will understand every single word. I want the listener to find or lose hisself in a mood without giving words to guide somewhere.

Is there a concept behind the album TROR? Can you tell me about making this record?

Yes. “TROR” is the swedish word for believe. But first there was no concept, it became one. While I was working on the album, I was reading a lot about celtic mythology and egypt astronomy. Besides making music, I study photography and to find inspiration I often read books or watch movies. I was always interested in gods, mythology, astronomy, science fiction and supernatural things.

One day I discovered “Lucifer Rising” by Kenneth Anger. He was an avant garde moviemaker and his work inspired me on both sides: photography and music. I was amazed that he shot some scenes at a celtic cult place, called the “Externsteine” in Germany. It is a very old rock formation that maybe got used as an oberservatory in Celtic Times. One of the towers got an altar. Above the altar is a round window, which focus the rising sun at the summer solstice. Thats why scientists believe this room might have been used for astronomical observations.

After I made some research about this place I was curious about it and travelled to the Externsteine. I read that this place has one of the most powerful energy points in the world. I watched people standing eyes closed in front of the sun window, spreading thier hands to recieve some engery. Of course I tried the same and I can tell that I recieved something magical.

I believe in nature.

According to Kenneth Anger´s “Lucifer Rising” and inspired by the Externsteine I created a video to one of my songs called “Given.”

Naadyn – Given (Official) from Nadine Platzek on Vimeo.

What is an example of a song you consider perfect?

One of the most perfect songs I’ve ever heared in my life is “Goodbye Earthlings” by MEO. Its a song that takes me into an intensive story. From the intro until the outro, I feel like I have to leave the place where I am right now, take my things and go. Move on to see whats behind the moon or mars and keep my eternal search. http://soundcloud.com/mik-e-off/meo-goodbye-earthlings

Who are some of your current favorite artists?

Slowdive, Washed Out, Scratch Massive, Lady Gaga, Clams Casino, oOoOO, Chad Valley

Have you ever had a supernatural experience or spoke with a clairvoyant?

Yes, I had a very intensive experience which I never had before and will ever forget. This year, my dad died because of cancer. In the night before his funeral I suddenly felt his presence. We start to have a conversation in mind, maybe around twenty minutes and said goodbye. The next day I wanted to tell my sister carefully about my experience, but as soon I said “I have to tell you something..” she looked at me and said: “It happened to me too.” Whenever I tell people about my experience I see into wondered eyes or some that say: Yes, that might happen when we leave.

What is your astrological sign, and do you feel it describes you?

I am a Taurus, ascendant in Sagittarius. The Taurus is positively known for extreme determination, strength of will, creativity, warm-hearted and patience. The weakness is to be suspicious, stubborn and jealous.

I definitely work a lot to reach my goals, I’m creative, I’m mothering to my friends and I have a lot patience. Sometimes to much. I am suspicious. In general it takes me a while to trust a person and call them a friend. Also, I choose my friends well. I might have a stubborn head and I’m jealous whenever it’s necessary or when I have a good reason to be.

Free Download:

More Music & Info: http://www.facebook.com/tape3000


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