Backseat: With Eleven Pond & Violet Tremors Sets (Exclusive Live Video)

“Watching Trees” (Live)

This was an amazing night, two great sets, and excellent DJing from Comrade Stallen (Stallengrad) & Jessy Champagne (Jewels of the Nile). Sean and Jessica White from Violet Tremors were celebrating birthdays that night. Happy Birthday, thanks for the great night.

Violet Tremors kicked out their icey cold jams, always a great set by this band, animating their bleek and sleek beats, giving a much greater depth to their music. One of our favorite LA Bands.

Eleven Pond is back after 20 years of absence to put on shows for fans who’ve been waiting wayyy too long to see them. They played an amazing set that was everything we’d hoped it would be. The band’s founder Jeff Gallea has taken over vocals on all their tracks, and they were fantastic, drummer Garey Snider’s beats hit hard, as they floated their way through some absolute dance classics. A phenomenal band, if you don’t already own their first LP “Bas Relief” you can track it down with the links below.

“Portugal” (Live)

“Sitting On Chairs” (Live)

Here’s their story in a nutshell:

“Jeff Gallea and Lyle Wells from RED VIOLET RED formed ELEVEN POND in Rochester, New York with James Tabbi and Dan Brumley. Jack Schaeffer and Tim Masick followed shortly after and they released one 11 song LP called ‘Bas Relief’ on Game Hen Records in 1986 in an empty swimming pool recording studio. A second unreleased album called ‘Assemblage’ was recorded in 1987.”

You can play a bunch of their classics and download some live tracks on their SoundCloud:

12″ single:
12″ LP:
Bas Relief CD:


I Vacation In Your Hell
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