These are some BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA bitches right here, I’ve been a fan of the Dunedin Sound for quite some time, if you go back far enough in these posts you’ll probably see The Chills’ “Pink Frost” video, they know how to balance the light and the dark, and often write so real that it falls dick first into being abstract. Obviously I get a shit ton of mail, because I’m giving away a commodity that’s valuable to some, but I received a letter from a group that I will not mention by name, asking me to cover their band but curb, and try to say more positive shit, so let me get this straight, I’m to watch my language and say nice shit about you on MY OWN FUCKING SITE. I make no apologies to no one. Words are only what you make them mean, we could all decide that the combination of the words titlips could be the most offensive thing ever tomorrow, or maybe just saying bird three times in a row, wwwwwhoooo the fuck cares, I can’t tell you don’t, this is the wild fucking west here…this is the Internet, hopefully how it will stay, the last semi-free place based on earth. BUt that reminds me, I’m writing about this track by Cobwebbs which has a heavy Dunedin influence, to it. Really liking this track Ice Melter. Their label is nice dudes as well, but they need to let me say those magic words DOWNLOAD THIS SHIT, but I can’t fucking say that in this case, I mean you know what streaming is right, then you know what is possible. I’m suggesting nothing, but lets help this band get their music around and not sit on mp3s for no good reason, I’m a long fucking way from Australia, feels like a different universe, give me something to put in my mailman’s e-mail. Another great release from Lost Race.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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