Barbados! Presents “Coffin Train” MIXTAPE !!!!FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!

If you haven’t guessed, my moods shift rather quickly, and tempering those moods with chemicals, both legal and illegal can have sometimes unpredictable results. I came across this mix on the Critical Heights SoundCloud, looks like they’re just establishing themselves with some new artists. This mix was a find though, it’s like getting sucked into a slipstream of the internal mental-tides of someone who likes to be suspended by fishhooks through their superficial tissue from the ceiling. Hey, I’m not judging, I know a ton of my readers bounce in from all sorts of fucked up porn, that I would rather not know about. I have my own quirks as well, my own ways of channeling the pain, sadly none of them are expressed sexually, but I feel a strong current of that in this fucking circus of a mix. This is quite the piece, download for free, no caps here, but you still need this shit.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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