Vortex Rikers – Short Stories EP – FREE DOWNLOAD

So my new roommate isn’t doing so well, he’s had a rough time fighting the cancer, so I have a feeling we’ll be parting ways soon. Getting to know someone at the end of their life is a really strange thing, he’s one of the most open people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting/living with briefly, and I wonder if he’s always been this way, or if seeing the light at the end of the tunnel opens you to, freeing you to explore, appreciating every detail as it could be the last, or maybe it’s just simply knowing any consequences will be brief, embarrassment is temporary and none of that shit matters. He lives as if he’s a traveler, which we all are, some act like their setting up permanent shop here, I can assure you whatever legacy you think you’re leaving behind is just tiny particles of sand blowing in the desert, no matter what you think you’ve accomplished. It will all be erased back into nature, back to the light, back to the darkness.






I Vacation In Your Hell
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