ϟ†Nϟ -Cops and Christians H U R E N REMIX

To quote my post on FB, when I saw this come down the chute, “WOAH, FUCKING WOAHHHHHHHHH,” I’ve wanted to write a piece where I quote my own FB post for sometime now, seems like what everyone does these days, fucking quote themselves and shit they said across multiple social media platforms. This is a seriously choice remix, so modern, so raw, I’m sitting in a chair and having my hair blown by my stereo system in my living room, where I sit in the only piece of furniture a chrome and leather chair, I feel my rage churning inside, the walls are breathing, and when this track flips at the halfway mark they burst and flood, cascading from all sides, in my gothic maxell cassette tape fantasy. This is the kind of mix I could really get my fuck on to. H U R E N’s been at this shit for quite a long time, so some serious respect is due here.





I Vacation In Your Hell
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