You may remember this from the 90s, I think this was in the Ethan Hawke remake of Great Expectations, I have a real soft spot for this era, of electronic pop.

That has nothing to do with this Mono, who have more in common with Dirty Three, John Williams and Sigur Ros than they anything else. But I’ve been really low with watching the slow and somewhat painful death of my rommmate, so I’m trying to listen to more uplifting shit. A friend suggested this, as at times it reminds me somewhat of This Mortal Coil. This is a beautiful track from their new album “For My Parents” which came out Tuesday.

Although I haven’t shed a tear in well over a decade…listening to the leaked tracks for the “For My Parents” album brought me to that moment where I felt that almost forgotten emptiness envelop in my darkened core, where I felt helpless and I wanted to surrender myself completely to the music which would guide out the rest of my physical existence while on the earth plane. I have been cold inside a long time, just dead flesh surrounded by icy space, I couldn’t let go entirely, but music like this brings me as close as I will ever get to being human ever again, to try to feel something somewhat normal.

New album trailer:


I Vacation In Your Hell
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