2 X Labyrinth Ear – “Amber” & “Urchin” FREE DOWNLOAD


Today was another shitting beast of a day. Sometimes, the sun heats my black clothing up like my proximity to the heat source is the sun to Mercury. But it didn’t matter because I was blasting “Labyrinth Ear” like a motherfucker ready to score some elicit street magic. It is Friday and I am ready to dance my bones to the core. I am ready to drink from the well just to kill this mad cottonmouth, just one of the many side-effects of this sick street candy which just kicked in…FUCKING BLISSED and FUCKED OUT. When I ride on public trans I often transport my own self to a nightclub in my mind like in the Gerling Dust Me Selecta video. I know I am not making sense right now, but that’s how you know shit’s working right.




I Vacation In Your Hell
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