ThiS EnITRE BITCH HAS DROPPPPPPPPED!!!!!! FULLL FUCKING FORCE, FOR YOU TO CATCH IN THE FUCKING FACE FOR FRRREeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! DOWNLOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!! Some fucking badass programming on here, you’ll want to have what everyone is talking about, so you’ll need thisssssssssshhhhhiiiiiiittttttt.


“Releasing their debut EP Eye On Everybody last year on Sweating Tapes, Bruxa fully embraced the possibilities of a post-witch house landscape, crafting occult and aggressive beats that were nonetheless eminently danceable. Victimeyez finds them refining that formula to a sharp point, whether it be on the roiling “Human Minds”, moombahton influenced “PaperWeight Pt. 1”, or foreboding cypher “Trill Witch.” Victimeyez is available for download September 4th through Mishka Records, and will also see a cassette release on Sweating Tapes in October.”

Bruxa is the living, breathing embodiment of three distinctly different minds and spirits inhabiting a singular sonic vessel. Describing this Portland trio’s output is to attempt placing a finger on that which is intangible. Derek Stilwell, Bianca Radd, and SaintMichaelLorenzo walk a unified path toward musical, spiritual, and creative discovery.

Raised in Portland, Derek Stilwell has been making electronic, sample based music since high school. He was one half of Monkey Farm Frankenstein, a horror themed production duo which was signed to Some Bizarre Records. He met SaintMichael, a Washington to Oregon transplant, some 5 years ago. The two began collaborating on a full length hip-hop album that would eventually be abandoned as their interests took a turn to darker, more danceable sounds.

BRUXA wouldn’t be possible, however, without Bianca Radd. Sister-in-law to Mr. Stilwell, this half Brazilian siren is the front woman and muse behind BRUXA. After the release of their first EP Eye On Everybody, the trio went right back to work cooking up new sounds in their home grown studio cave. Eventually, what had been planned as a follow up EP took on a life of its own, and became a full length album: VICTIMEYEZ.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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