Neuport – [​[​[​[​[​[​[​C H O R I z O ep​]​]​]​]​]​]​] Free Download

This is some pretty good shit, loving the mellow vibe here, been a rough four days, spent most of them sitting in a basement filled with challenging amounts of smoke to deal with and no windows. An artist who I really respect invited me to stay so I could get away from my situation with my roommate, who has terminal cancer. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll blaze a joint now and then, but between the 8 or so people who seem to crash in this artist flop pad release more more smoke than carbon dioxide, and they seem to have worked out around the clock smoking shifts to ensure no clean air creeps in this dungeon. When I first lost my virginity to drugs it was to nicotine as a teen. I bought a pack of Newport Menthols. Although I no longer smoke…tobacco, this artist has rung some especially nostalgia for me with their branding. This entire experience of watching someone die, day by day, vs the slow process it takes to get there, the bad choices and excesses and decadence of these nearly homeless artists, that I count myself as one of, most are homeless more than artists actually. You can literally mark the path along the way to the hospice. Enjoy yourself kids, but don’t punish yourself like I have, because if you want to see something dark come over and meet my roommate. You won’t laugh, you’ll sober up. I am liking the fusion of genres here, they have this tagged as seapunk, I haven’t come across an exact definition for it yet, and clearly Sea Punk Gang hasn’t either, but what I do know is if you’re hearing Sega Genesis samples, odds are you’re blasting seapunk. This is one of my favorite entries in this area yet, well worth fucking owning this ep.

Check out their excellent label Post Religion .

Hennessy – Triple Six Sound Club & Neuport


I Vacation In Your Hell
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