Simple but pretty fucking effective, I’m a sucker for girl-vox and electronics, something about it cuts through all of the bullshit to the cleanest pharmaceutical grade synth-pop this side of Robin, if she’s willing to deal with a recovering junkie, I hope she’ll be the one who sees through my prince of darkness front, to discover some better version of myself that even I cannot even imagine anymore. Both tracks are a two-pack for $1.

On a sadder note Ronobe’s label, Baku Shad-do, who have a pretty fucking excellent catalog of music made this announcement:

We’ve lowered the prices on everything on the label and don’t plan to do any more releases in the near future, past those left to release in the next two weeks. Everything is on sale, all albums, with the exception of “Contra Sylum” by Slixtrice (because it was a dual release), are now only $1.00 in digital format, the CD version of “Brother Island” by SKELETONKIDS is now only $2.00 + Shipping.
Baku Shad-do — SKELETONKIDS – Brother Island (Baku Shad-do™ 2012)
Dirt cheap and free downloads a plenty y’all.

Mikey Shad-do

In addition, BAKU SHAD-DO // GLITTERHELL †PURRSSESSIØN† is now available for free download.
Other free albums include – ∆STR∆L SH∆D-DO[W]: Exclusively for I Vacation In Your Hell, by Various Artists
– #OCCUPYXMAS, by Various Artists
– ☯, by SANGO x ZandSHE
– P.T.S. (Post Traumatic Stress), by PEPPERBOY
– DAWN 2∅12 US EDITION, by Lenticular Clouds


I Vacation In Your Hell
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