I found the most perfect scenario, the ideal situation…my life started to make sense and I felt secure in knowing there was going to be some consistency for once. I wanted it to be like this forever, well at least until my term on the earth plane expires. I wanted to know that tomorrow would be at least as predictable as today within a degree of reason-ability. I’m a realist, and to me that would be as good as the future being better than today. To hold hands with certainty was a big improvement for me. And I held certainty’s hands very tight….so tight in-fact that its bones gave out and crumbled under the very pressure of my insecurity that amassed my grip. I am here, but barely here. I am writing, but my words mean nothing. I will let this dark day pass and have the music guide me back to a place where I can at-least be found alive on a forest floor. I have turned off most of my senses, but I am still listening to the music.

This isn’t on the LP, just feels good:

From Tri-Angle Records:

“Vessel will release his debut LP Order of Noise on September 24th, 2012 via Tri Angle Records. You can listen to the first single ‘Court Of Lions’ here…”

Order of Noise Track List
01. Vizar
02. Stillborn Dub
03. Images Of Bodies
04. Silten
05. Lache
06. Aries
07. 2 Moon Dub
08. Scarletta
09. Plane Curves
10. Temples
11. Court Of Lions
12. Villaine


I Vacation In Your Hell
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