CANS – The Billion Dollar Bomb – fREE DowNLoAd!!!

This track is pretty fucking incredible, the synths are blowing down my back, aiding my chemical aids, unlocking my dark tortured consciousness. I’m going to make it to unconsciousness soon, and it will be as if I was blind all day, and then have someone force open my eyes. The light is too bright unless I’m asleep, which is how I want to stay most of the time. If I ever win the lottery I’ll probably buy a coma machine like michael jackson was using, a coma would be the ultimate low, on more than one level, a habit of comas. Just to repeat, this track is fucking incredible.

I’ll let someone else talk about their own music for once, and shut the fuck up:
“Dana Young formerly of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti , Hepa / Titus , Disaro , Testicular Manslaughter , Mr. And Mrs. Tribute To Ugliness , and I Can’t Read. CANS is an abbreviation for Central Asian Nervous Systems. Which to me means , …… well central Asia is around Saudi Arabia , Pakistan , ect. ………….. and nervous systems are what are inside the peoples bodies that are living there. So , being influenced by John Lennon , I believe that is the most important spot in the world right now. The central Asian’s nervous systems are going through quite a fix now. I wish them relief. Technical wise I use analogue synth , tape decks and all forms of sequencers and a mixture of Hi -Fi and Lo- Fi. I have 25 years of experience making tapes and playing all instruments. I make about 200 songs a year.”


I Vacation In Your Hell
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