The world of festivals for the most part have become overpriced and homogenized, providing nearly identical experiences across the country, sometimes you can enjoy a twin of the spring festival you went to again in late summer, sometimes in the same city. The first year of Coachella, which is what they built their rep on, and have been riding on it’s cred-fumes since, brought many bands who would have had a tough time getting over to the US to tour, giving them an audience, and giving fans a one stop shop for a laundry list of bands they’ve been waiting to see for years and the best in the current avant-garde of experimental music of nearly every sub-category and genre. Filter has been putting this festival on for the past three years, and somehow manage to not only keep it affordable, the entire 4 day pass only cost $20, but you get to see some pretty fucking fantastic new artists from every tiny pocket of the world. Sorry to rant about Coachella again, but they’ve have priced themselves out of being a festival for anyone except rich kids, hence the line-ups that favor their tastes.

I don’t go out to much to events like this, but when a festival goes out of their way to put music first, I fucking take notice. These guys put a lot of thought into the bands, and made what was probably the most comfortable festival experience I’ve had. My only feedback is next year lets get a couple sludgier goths in there to shake shit up. But honestly, I’m pretty fucking jaded, and this is the first time I’ve seen music showcased simply as music in quite some time. I watched entire sets of bands who I never thought I would be into just to experience what they were doing. Watching Kyst from Poland just fucking soar, with some of the least pretentious and one of the most moving sets I’ve had the pleasure to witness in quite some time was pretty fucking inspiring.

Of the discovered talent, they had one of my favorites going back a longgggg time, and I won’t lie this sold me on going. Galaxie 500, if you’re not familiar, is one of the greatest dream pop bands to ever touch instruments. Dean Wareham’s voice alone is one of the most beautiful instruments I’ve heard. The band sound better than they ever have, even though this is just being billed as “Dean Wareham Plays” I have to say that what they’re bringing to the table now seems more powerful and more sharply executed than the original performances I have on video tape. This was so insanely fucking great, dark and lightness colliding, creating some of the most yearning, beautiful and infinitely sad music I have ever heard. It’s not supposed to be a soundtrack for the pit of despair, but for me this music is pure emotion, written from the purest place possible. Get their three records immediately if you don’t already own them.

More coverage continued in next post. Check out the exclusive gallery of photos below:


All photos shot exclusively for IVIYH by


I Vacation In Your Hell
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