The lighter side of music for the night, I’m sure they would disagree, claiming they rep the daylight, but to me the mood is deep, and is illuminated brightly by the moon. The tracks I’ve collected in this web-pile below are all FUCKING incredible, featuring electronics by Tom E, and as you know I’m a sucker for lady-vox, and I love the voice of Emily J. Make of this what you will, but I believe they deserve to be separated from the pack and elevated based on the work of the 5 tracks below, including a FREE DOWNLOAD of their great re-working of Arthur Russell’s “This Is How We Walk On The Moon,” seriously get all of their free shit, + the rest of their two EPs OAK and APPARITIONS, there’s a few down there, you’ll thank me, some of the best shit of 2012. The band were kind enough to put up with my bullshit long enough to give me an interview, they’re touring right now, so if you are into this, see them now, honestly don’t wait to check out bands, they need your support, and honestly they’re playing only wall to wall fucking great shit, so if you wait you’ll probably have to deal with catching the show with a bunch of people you hate, at this stage in the game you may only harbor mild-resentment for the small crowds who discover your best-kept secrets. ENJOY THIS SHIT, AND FREE DOWNLOADS BITCHESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.


Can you tell my readers a little about Labyrinth Ear and how you came together, were you in past bands, how did your name come about or what inspired it?

Hello there, this is both our first musical project. We saw each other around for years at the same gigs and clubnights but only started hanging out after a house party, we both discovered we shared very similar taste in music and got on really well then a few years later we started this project. The name is sort of a secret…

Who are some of your biggest influences?

Lata Mangeshkar, GZA, Ghostface killah, Budgieman, Tara Palmer Tomkinson, King Tubby,

Can you tell me about labels you like who you feel are putting out some of the best new music, do you feel like being on a label is important these days?

Tom – I really like R&S Records, they were a pioneering electronic music label back in the day, and they still are today.

So far not having a label hasn’t been a hindrance to what we’ve been doing, making music, sharing music and gigging.. That’s all we want to do at the end of the day.

What blogs do you enjoy the most, what makes them special?

Fave blog: http://edwardparsonsbrown.blogspot.co.uk/
Because of the art!

Can you tell me about the upcoming release you’re currently working on?

It’s inspired by old Bollywood films. I’m really inspired by old cinema, especially foreign films. I can’t quite describe the rush of creativity I get from watching old foreign films, especially if they’re technicolor. I’m really moved by colour and atmospheric music/sound.

Can you give me an example of something you consider perfect?

This is a good quote: “The lotus flower grows and blooms in a muddy pond, and yet remains pristine and free from any defilement.”

If I were to vacation in your hell what should I expect to find there?

Certainly some of my dad’s cooking..

Have you had an experience with the supernatural that you’d be willing to share?

When my black cat died I started seeing a black cat around the house, but then I found out that it was a real black cat and she eventually took the name of Ollie and stayed by my side and she became my greatest companion, I reckon she was a reincarnation of Bebe my first beautiful black cat.

Can you describe your most emotionally moving moment involving music? Or, the moment of live music that has had the greatest impact on you?

I saw Joanna Newsom at the Barbican, the music completely enveloped me.. I also looked around and saw a man that had gone to the show on his own and I was watching him enjoy it and that moved me too.

Some are saying this is the greatest era to exist as a musician, others say it’s the worst, what has your experience been like?

We owe a lot to the Internet, so for us being a musician in this era has been a very positive experience. Our music has reached corners of the world we never could’ve imagined and for this we’re very grateful.

Have you ever been to a psychic, would you be willing to share that experience if so?

No, I’ve never been. I believe now that we create our own destiny, but when I was younger I used to do the I Ching with my mum if I had a problem that was bothering me. Or also when I was younger I’d read Jonathan Cainer.. he had a kind and wise voice.

If you could choose how the world would end, what would you choose?

We’d be swallowed by massive Swan and drop out a beautiful pearl into the infinite universe and create a new world system where we all perceive the true greatness of our lives and stop slandering ourselves and each other…



I Vacation In Your Hell
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