LA Vampires feat. Maria Minerva – NEW VIDEO Seasons Change

LA Vampires feat. Maria Minerva – Seasons Change from Not Not Fun on Vimeo.

Maybe it’s just being from LA and knowing how bands from here work, knowing that networking is preferable to any kind of legitimate interaction with people, the word friend is an italian word that translates to disposable. In order to accomplish anything in music you have to step on a lot of faces, most bands are guilty of being better business people than you’d ever suspect. Even if you go out to a friend’s show they assume you came because they’re fucking geniuses and want to ride their coattails to the fucking stars rather than you’re just trying to help them out because you are nice unlike them. That is an aside rant, just because this is an artist who is known in, and being from, this town and is not written specifically about her, but I’ve felt like everyone from Pocahaunted was up their own ass, not to mention the band spawned Best Coast, but she’s been making reparations with her LA Vampires material, I’m really enjoying this track, and check out the preview of her tracks with Maria Minerva below:


I Vacation In Your Hell
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