Thelemic Laboratory – Infrared Spectroscopy FULL ALBUM FREE DOWNLOAD

FUCKING “FRIDAY NIGHT WITH THE BATH SALTS AND THE CANDLES,” yeah, this is pretty fucking good. Noisy sound collagey shit, dark ambient and dubby shit, and track titles that tip the black-magick-needle way up into the red. You know who opens the gateway to hell, it’s always kids fucking around with dark shit they read out of heavy metal records. What about those who know what they’re asking for, who site the good ol’ Hellraiser-rational of just wanting to know what it’s like, to see and experience first hand, to know the extremes. SOme of us open up that gateway personally every day, and guess what, it fucking sucks balls, I’ve seen the depths of the ugliest sickness, and human punishment, and there is no beauty there, there is only suffering. To quote another movie I don’t want to discuss here except for the quote, “there’s no trip so bad that someone won’t want to take it” kind of says it all. Am I taking this trip? Whatever it is, yes. Do I think about hopping off the train? Absolutely, every day, I play this shit out just to see what one more day is like. Is that the equivalent of me fucking around with satan’s rubik’s cube to say hi my emotional cenobites, is probably only a question you will be able to answer for me. You may think this record seems kind jokey, but trust me, it gets serious as shit, tracks that take you all the way to the bottom floor when you’re bathing.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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One Response to Thelemic Laboratory – Infrared Spectroscopy FULL ALBUM FREE DOWNLOAD

  1. DMT says:

    You have a keen sense of the darkness, my friend. I’m glad you smell the Goetic stench in my Musick, because it is there. Unlike the scared, well-behaved, obedient wolves in their packs called “Lodge” or “Circle” or “Temple”, I chose to have no master. To this day I question everything, even my own Thelemic “beliefs” (although I would never call them beliefs, more like Experiments.)
    One working hypothesis of mine is that there is absolutely no need to believe or follow anyone, including even the greatest minds. This is real Do It Yourself Occultism, devoid of customs, habits, rules, or restrictions. An Empirical Understanding of nature may not have given me solace so far, but at least I can say that I bow to no one, and that the data compiled was my own.

    Thank you for taking the time to make this post, it gave me a few giggles. Also, if you think this is dark, wait until my H. P. Lovecraft theme album hits in 2013. muah-ah-ah.

    DMT (previous lover of pseudoscience, present lover of Science, explorer of Consciousness, Sensorially deranged Wolf-Angel, musician.)

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