I’ve been sitting on this shit a lot longer than I normally like to, I’ve been waiting for this release to finally drop, and it motherfuckingfinallydidTODAY. I don’t know a ton of shit about this artist, except how monumentally fucking great this album is, and that he’s from Siberia. Can shit get more serious than that? You fucking crybaby urban-hillbillies might say something like I recorded my shit in a cabin out in the woods, fuck you, I recorded my shit in an eternal prison of winter, solitude and snow. This is one of the best records I’ve come across in a while, some incredible vocals, you may remember when I featured a wayyyy advanced sneak preview of this album’s first single “Undressed” on my Devils Night Mixxx. Lucky for you they’re being generous with me and gave me the green light to share this as a stand alone track, trust me you want this shit, it’s only Jan. 7th and I can pretty much call this shit single of the year. If you dopped Depeche Mode up on pure goth, or Clan of Xymox you’d get this track. THis is fucking pure artistry, or at least feels honest and reflects a realness I don’t see everyday. But I will tell you, most shit doesn’t come from the middle of a snowfield. FREE DOWNLOAD THIS ESSENTIAL SHIT HERE: Brandy Kills – Undressed



Ḱ@⊥αтøᾔḯα ➸ Ðα¥
Ѧüṧ⊥я@ ✏ Ⅴḯℓℓαїᾔ
ϟ♄☤ℓłℯя ḟ℮α⊥▪ Ṕ▪♓℮℘℘ηℯґ ➸ Ḏґεαм ◎ḟ ⑂☺υ
Ḻαℨ℮ґℌαωк ➸ Ḱїη❡ ◎ƒ т♄ε ṧ⊥ґ℮ℯтṧ
ℒαღ♭¢н☺℘ – ✝нḯ﹩ ḉøґя◎ṧ☤☺ᾔ (✝нε $☤ṧ⊥℮яṧ ϴƒ ℳεґḉ⑂ ḉ☺√℮ґ)
ℭґ⑂ṧ⊥@ℓ ☾αṧ☂ℓ℮ṧ ✏ ฿α℘☂ḯṧм
ℭüł☂ ◎ḟ ƴ☺υ⊥ℌ ✏ ℒα¢ε ʊ℘ ⑂øυґ ßø◎⊥﹩
Ḏε℘℮ḉнε ♏◎∂ε ➸ $☂я@ᾔℊ℮ łø√ℯ
8☂н ✏ Ðℯαℓ ẘїтℌ тнℯ ḓεṽ☤ł
∀¢т☤♥℮ ℃ℌ☤ℓⅾ ✏ $♄ḯεℓḓ @ᾔⅾ ﹩ẘøґ∂
℃н℮ღłα♭ ➸ Ⅴℯяα ฿łüℯ (96/69ϡ
16 ℋ◎ґṧε℘◎ẘ℮я ➸ ϟḉґαẘłε∂ їη ṧαρ
♏@∂☺ᾔη@ ➸ †♄ε ρ☺ẘ℮я ◎ḟ ❡☺☺∂ߥ℮
✝ℌ℮ Ṕґ☺∂☤ℊƴ ➸ И☺ ❡☺◎ⅾ
✝ґʊ﹩☂ – Ḏя℮ṧṧℯ∂ ℱ☺ґ ϟ℘@¢ℯ (ℬṼℒ ℜ℮μḯϰϡ
Ѻ ☾ℌḯʟⅾґℯη ➸ ℜʊїηṧ



How did you begin recording music?

I used to sing in various groups in the past,
but two years ago decided to create a solo project where I would be independent

What was your first band like?

It was doom band, called “Insomnia”. There’s no records. I was 15 years old. Fun time. After that were different rock and metal bands. Now I’m glad, that all of this left in the past.

Can you tell me a bit about where in Russia you’re from, what is it like there?

Siberia …
This is a very gothic place, you can easily freeze in the winter and is also easy to get burnt in the summer.
If Russia is hell, no matter very interesting people live here

Who are some other local bands you enjoy?

It so happened that in the past I played with half of the musicians in our city,
now I would like to focus post-rock band “So Far As I know”, and generally from Russia “VOSMOY”and “Motorama”.

Can you tell me a bit about your new album, what are some of the influencing factors that inspired it?

I am inspired by so many different things. interesting people, night fog, all mystical and occult things,
yummy books, unusual movies, beautiful women, smart women, the album fell in the fall and it all says a lot

Can you tell me a little bit about recording it as well?

It’s always different, I can write a track in the office for 15 minutes or can write home for weeks.
This is always an exciting process, similar to the dive.

What other projects have you been involved in?

I have a dark country band “The Saint and The Dead”
and fetish future duo “Pale Kings” with Paul Von Aphid (“Modern Howl”)
Few months ago I created project “dsrtEgl” it seems to retro futuristic sound too.

Can you give me an example of a song you consider perfect?

For now? “Trust” – “Candy Walls” or “Crystal Castles” – “Baptism”.
But generally “Katatonia” – “Day” and “Depeche Mode” – “Strange Love”

If I were to vacation in your hell what should I expect to find there?

Passionate pacification, quiet agony

Have you had an experience with the supernatural that you’d be willing to share?

when I was 3 years old, I saw brownie, and when I was 6 years old, I killed him in a dream. seriously
Also at a spiritualistic session I chatted with Alexander Blok,
it turned out that we had mutual admiration for our creativity

If you could collaborate with any artist living or dead who would it be?

Devil, maybe. Devil or Katie Stelmanis.

What are some of your favorite films, and a favorite line of dialog from a film?

Pulp Fiction.
– Did you just order a five-dollar shake?
– Mm-hmm.
– That’s a shake? That’s milk and ice cream?
– Last I heard.
– That’s five dollars? You don’t put bourbon in it or nothin’?
– No.
– Just checking.

Can you describe your most emotionally moving moment involving music? Or, the moment of live music that has had the greatest impact on you?

One day I was walking through the night forest and listened to funeral doom “Evoken”.
I thought that someone will come out from the thicket and eat me. really scary.
And also the bridge. late winter. snow. breakup. “the national”.
In fact, every concert for me as a revelation. The highest point of pleasure.

Some are saying this is the greatest era to exist as a musician, others say it’s the worst, what has your experience been like?

This is not easy. But it’s the only thing that turns at me, and the only thing I like, so fuck the problems. I will not give up

Have you ever been to a psychic, would you be willing to share that experience if so?

Once I had a good time at the lake in the dark forest with unicorns. No psychic. Only unicorns.

Do you feel things happen for a reason, do you have an experience that would be evidence of this?

Although I am inclined to fatalism, but I believe there is a choice.
Once I was even able to deceive Deja Vu. I knew exactly what it was supposed to end. But I’ve done differently.



I Vacation In Your Hell
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