The Soft Moon at the Moog/Switched On Showcase at Elysium, 3/16/13: I Vacation In Your SXSW






I first heard The Soft Moon a few years ago playing a SXSW showcase at Red 7. Up until then I’ve never heard of them. Red 7 has both an in and an outdoor stage. I was actually fleeing from a horrendous set being performed by another band outside when I walked in on The Soft Moon playing the last two songs of their set, one of them being, “Tiny Spiders”. I stopped dead in my tracks and was quite smitten. It’s been two years since then that I was able to see them play live again, this time at the Moog/Switched On SXSW Showcase at Elysium. They played pretty much all the tracks off their recent album, ‘ Zeros’, starting with “Die Life”. To hear and experience them live is a must. Luis Vasquez, the frontman/guitarist/synth player/songwriter, is absolutely beautiful and brings such an intensity to all that he does on stage that you can’t help but be drawn into the post apocalyptic world being created. Everything from Vasquez’s guitar playing, to the gritty discordant sounds of his synths, to his distorted vocals and loud sharp screams create a dark landscape of twisted metal and dark skies, a land of desolation and void. It’s a Hell I’d love to Vacation In so long as the soundtrack accompanying me is that of The Soft Moon, which is mix of Bauhaus and Chrome. I was able to snap a few pictures to put in a brochure for the said vacation, but amid all the bodies writhing to The Soft Moon, my phone died. Luckily they played a few hours earlier at The Parish for Captured Tracks and my pal Anthony Garza was there with camera in hand. If you’ve yet to become acquainted with The Soft Moon, go and see them live.

Photos by Anthony Garza.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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One Response to The Soft Moon at the Moog/Switched On Showcase at Elysium, 3/16/13: I Vacation In Your SXSW

  1. Lucia says:

    That show was amazing. I was lucky enough to catch several of their sets at SXSW – did not disappoint.

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