Moon Mirror: Brand NEW Song and Interview…DO NOT MISS THIS SHIT! EVEN ODing IS NOT AN EXCUSE!!!!

Moon Mirror Exclusive Interview IVIYH

Moon Mirror Exclusive Interview IVIYH

I have been pumping Moon Mirror’s shit through a plethora of mediums for a while now since first discovering her on Aural Sects. Apart from a few scattered IVIYH pieces I was almost ashamed to not have covered her work more in depth. This all changed in April when she shared the bill with Naadyn and Virgin Blood at the Multiplex. There I was reminded why the underground experience is truly the best feeling for an authenticity junky like myself.

If you haven’t heard Moon Mirror’s craft then get ready to wrap your brain around a sound that will take you all the fuck over the place. At times I feel influence from Future Sound of London. Other times the White Witch is calling in soft repetitive darkened patterns, very minimalistically layered with a gentle delicate melody. The more dancy pieces with vocals sound like a very cool mix of groups like Pictureplane and Frozen Autumn (instrumental and programming-wise), and Chris & Cosey and Love Spirals Downwards (both vocally and musically speaking). You can hear this especially in “Ares” and “Shameless”. Moon Mirror’s voice is very sweet, airy, and fragile, like in “Transgalactic“, but can also be rather soulful and a little more fuller sounding like in the song, “Shameless”. Moon Mirror’s voice reminds me, actually, of Alison Goldfrapp whose voice is all of those things. As you can see I am all over the fucking place trying to pinpoint her sound. There is no map to navigate Moon Mirror’s body of work and if you are looking for one here, good fucking luck!

Some of the coolest shit I have heard Moon Mirror work on is the Image Circle album Mecca. She really shines both lyrically and vocally and although she thinks of herself as a solo artist and prefers going at it alone, I very much think that the Mecca album is proof that she can shine in a collaborative format.

Her co-work doesn’t end there either. She also productively teams up with Blvck Ceiling on a tape entitled That Was Then This Is Now.

One thing is certain in my mind, MM’S music adapts and evolves often only taking cues from influences all over but never fully traveling down the road to settle on an allegiance to an electronic genre or style. Having previewed her yet to be released album Transference (due out on Aural Sects really fucking soon), I had my lid blown off by the shear brilliance of her new direction which I will only give away as an emotive cinematic experience which is way the fuck ahead of its time. This is a whole fucking new level. A game changer. A fucking defining moment in the musical realm. IVIYH caught up with Moon Mirror in her native environment of the Pacific NorthWest to try to catch the artist before the release of her upcoming album.

Every Artist has a statement they are trying to make, what is Moon Mirror’s artistic statement?

I’m into fantasy and dreams. I’d like to think that if Enya fucked the Terminator and they had a baby, it would be me. I’ve never really thought about my music itself as a statement, although I use it to make statements now and then. Sometimes some aspect of the world will really piss me off, and I’ll write a song about it. But mostly I just love to make songs and watch cartoons.

Can you give me an example of a song you consider perfect?

“The Path of the Wind” by Joe Hisaishi. “The End” by 80’s Stallone.

Some say that Portland has one of the darkest and purest scenes right now FULL STOP. What is your take on Portland music art and music scene?

Moon Mirror Exclusive Interview IVIYH

Moon Mirror Exclusive Interview IVIYH

There are definitely awesome musicians here. I think the small group of highly talented people concentrated here gives a false impression online of what is typical in Portland. Honestly it feels like the general vibe in Portland is indie/metal/punk/sad bastard or die. If you pick up any local music rag they pretty much don’t touch electronic music, despite the presence of some real gems. It can make playing out kind of a bitch, just because so many venues have had their PA’s blown out and who the fuck cares if the PA is blown out when 80% or more of what is performed there is shitty metal?

What are some of your favorite spots to hang out in Portland that you draw influence from?

I spend a lot of time at Mt. Tabor park. I love that I can walk for 10 minutes and be at the base of an ancient volcano. Everything I need is right there: trees, flowers, sky, bodies of water, i need all that shit to live. Sometimes I’ll take a walk up there to listen to a specific mix, but mostly I just like it up there. I like chilling alone up there. Nature is the best reason to live in Portland.

The art and visual aesthetics of your live show in April with Naadyn was astounding, how did you go about creating the art and visual?

Thank you! Thanks for coming to support us. I started making visuals for my live sets right from the beginning, I knew the impact of the experience would be more lasting. Soundtracks are one of my main loves, so I try to use images that reflect the messages I’m sending through my music. Anytime I perform I have visuals ready, but sometimes venues can’t accommodate, which is pretty lame. But hopefully in those instances the audience didn’t hate the music too much.

Have you had an experience with the supernatural that you would be willing to share?

Moon Mirror Portland Oregon

Moon Mirror Exclusive IVIYH Interview

I believe in messages from the natural world, I believe we are constantly receiving messages that we’ve forgotten how to make out or listen to, but nature keeps sending the messages anyway, even though we are mostly deaf now. Once the ocean laughed in my face and told me it would kill me. “I will take your life” it literally spoke to me. I was also on psychedelic mushrooms at the time.

Can you describe your most emotionally moving moment involving music?

Or, the moment of live music that has had the greatest impact on you?
When I saw Morrissey I cried like an asshole. What else could I do? He spoke to me and I almost lost it, i ended up making a huge jackass of myself in front of hundreds of people but it was worth it.

If I were to vacation in your hell what should I expect to find there?

Apocalypse from X-Men The Animated Series.

What kind of themes can we expect to hear on the upcoming Moon Mirror album that is to drop on Aural Sects?

Wind. The transference of psychic/spiritual energy from the natural world into sentient machines. Love. The last human war.

Alright, you heard it first in hell…..Night Wind (with Vocals) from the yet to be released album Transference:


I Vacation In Your Hell
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