Spell Hound Exclusive Interview and New Song Reverie: I Vacation in Kansas City, MO! DO NOT MISS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spell Hound Exclusive IVIYH

Spell Hound Exclusive IVIYH

When someone says, “What kind of music do you listen to Sitemaster”? I always play them a track or two from Spell Hound because to me this band captures the essence of the scene and where it is at right now in the moment. With all of the noise infusion and sound collaging entering the dark game, it would be tempting to just make an album full of noise. But Spell Hound forges on and seems to hold together a sense of melody and songwriting to their finished pieces which make them palatable to audiences beyond the dark realm. I am not saying that this some rookie beginner shit here either. What I am saying is there is some definite progression in their art form as it moves to more advanced waters. As an artist you should be proud of that shit too. When you reach a higher form you are able to reach a wider spectrum of an audience. New people begin to appreciate your craft. New opportunities emerge.

Spell Hound’s brand new EP titled “Guerilla” is about to drop on Aural Sects really soon. Expect more dope ass synths and vocal effects with a more in your face sound. Expect their craft to also be more sharpened and to the point. So just before this shit drops, thought I would catch up with the Houndians for a short interview and unveiling of a new song.

Please Introduce yourself, and what each of you contribute to Spell Hound.

Evin: I’m Evin, a proud owner of a mentally challenged pomeranian and a cat with a snaggle tooth problem. I make the music and the the the the beats.

McKaylea: I’m McKaylea, I have cat too. And my glasses are real. I write lyrics and melodies.

Every artist has an artistic statement that they are trying to make, what is Spell Hound’s statement?

Evin: I like to say that we (lyrically) focus on our surroundings and current environment while (musically) I create what I want to listen to. You could say I create music for myself.

McKaylea: We try to write music that is from the perspective of our social class on the state of society. As for our sound we really just make what we would like to hear.

Can you tell me a bit about the local scene in Kansas, what is it like there?

Evin: Just to clarify we live in Kansas City but on the Missouri side, however Kansas is only a few miles away. But the local music scene absolutely sucks. There is nothing in this city that interests my musical tastes whatsoever. I usually end up going to festivals or smaller concerts when there are tours happening of bands I enjoy, but nothing local.

McKaylea: The electronic scene isn’t that great. It’s mostly just rave DJs and dub step. Not really all that interesting for electronic artists outside of those genres. As for like our punk and folk/folk punk scene, they’re pretty good. A lot of good house shows. But we have a lot of great artists around the area too. Mostly street artists.

How did you begin recording music?

Evin: I started making music when I was 14 with a crappy children’s keyboard and a mic. After several side projects I met McKaylea and we began recording music. However we didn’t become Spell Hound till 2011.

McKaylea: When we were 16 we started recording in Evin’s bedroom with a shitty little mic and, made shitty little songs. Haha. We had to make them all in one sitting because his laptop was so old that it couldn’t be saved it would just erase.

Can you tell me a bit about your new EP coming out, what are some of the influencing factors that inspired it?

Evin: The EP’s music is greatly inspired by noises and sounds I want to hear. Like I said, I make music for myself so I take my musical influences, smash them all into something audible in my head and translate that the best way possible with the equipment I have. Lately I’ve been listening to the birds outside, video game soundtracks, Crim3s and that sound your car makes when it won’t start but you keep trying because you’ve got places to be. Also my emotions play a big role in musical composition. If I sit down and start to write a song in a bad mood the music often reflects that. For the most part I’m pretty chill though, best example of that = Endorphins.

McKaylea: This EP is more inspired by the bands we’ve been listening to recently and also just including all the things we’ve been needing to hear in the music we listen to. We have better recording equipment too so it sounds more well put together. And we’re both completely different people than we were when we wrote our Spell Hound EP.

Can you give me an example of a song you consider perfect?

Evin: Empathy by Crystal Castles. Hands down. thats my jam. Or Vicious Streak by New Order, or The Ocean by The Bravery or Hella Nervous by Gravy Train!!!! (<- that one's a work of art, truly). I'm also going to have to steal part of McKaylea's answers and say The Smiths and The Shins are gods. yes.

McKaylea: Caring is Creepy by The Shins has every sound you could ever need. Wake, Bake, Skate by FIDLAR is my anthem, You Know You're Right by Nirvana is got the sexiest base line. And Big Mouth Strikes Again by The Smiths is beautiful.

Do you feel things happen for a reason, do you have an experience that would be evidence of this?

Evin: No, I don’t feel like things happen for a reason, that just sounds like an excuse to let responsibility fall into the hands of chance.

McKaylea: No I don’t. Haha. Evin and have been so dedicated to our music and have worked our asses off. But stuff gets in the way all the time. Our house being robbed, not having enough money, our laptop getting broken, etc. Sometimes I just want a break. Aural Sects has been great about it though.

If I were to vacation in your hell what should I expect to find there?

Evin: Pitch black darkness. Nothingness. The feeling of being trapped, but not at all. Captor…unknown. No answers, no light, no resolutions.

McKaylea: It would be a Forever 21 with spaghetti and asthma attacks. Don’t worry though they play a lot of New Order there so you won’t go completely insane.

Have you had an experience with the supernatural that you’d be willing to share?

Evin: I AM ULTABUB. ( read below) Seriously. It was all me :3

McKaylea: Evin and I used to play around with ouija boards all the time. We had this one experience with this ghost that was insane! When we asked it what it’s name was it said Ultabub, so whenever bad shit happens we’re just like, “Damn you, Ultabub.”

Can you describe your most emotionally moving moment involving music? Or, the moment of live music that has had the greatest impact on you?

Evin: Music really affects me in ways I can not even begin to describe. That feeling of dopamine rushing to your brain when you hear those notes strike perfectly in time with the beat is an experience I often have with music. I’d say that there isn’t a specific moment I can recall that was more impactful than the rest because it’s all relevant. Although outside of emotions and music, I’d say one moment that really impacted our lives was when Purity Ring stayed in our apartment after their show with Neon Indian here in KC in October of 2011. It was really interesting getting to talk to them and seeing what goes on behind the scenes of up and coming artists. That really impacted me to get our stuff together.

McKaylea: My two favorite bands of all time are Nirvana and The Shins. Having them in my life has changed me so much. So those moments when I got to know them for the first time was pretty emotional for me. Whenever I listen to “Something in the Way” or “Sleeping Lessons” I still get that feeling in my chest.

Here is the brand new song by the lovely Spell Hound entitled Reverie:


I Vacation In Your Hell
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