Desktop Musicians: I Vacation in Your Bedroom

Desktop Musicians from Nadine Platzek on Vimeo.

Some say a bedroom is often the quietest place on earth to write and record music. Creative spaces are increasingly becoming an intriguing display of decor in a recording artist’s living space. An artist’s workstation can suggest a lot about their personality and creative approach to writing and recording music. It can also be designed in such a way that can help an artist overcome writer’s block, by having the necessary tools that inspire their creativity.

Many artists living spaces are also where their workstations reside. It is often a shared space. This is a modern day phenomenon that never existed before laptops and condenser microphones made it so easy to lay down broadcast quality recordings with minimal amounts of input. Living rooms, offices and bedrooms are now the new recording studios.

There is a book in the works that is being compiled by Nadine Platzek that will illustrate exactly how some artists featured on IVIYH approach their recording spaces. If you ever wondered what the setting looks like where your favorite music originates from then this book should definitely peak your interest.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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