Darkitalia – Gothic Room 2013 Compilation

gothic room

Sometimes I envision myself lying on dark bed in a dimly lit room containing layers upon layers of beautiful gothic tapestries and fabrics. This room would have a professional touch. It would be exemplary of the finest gothic decorations currently available. Instead I am here in this hell hole which is southern California squatting. The Italians have a great taste for style and this compilation is a beast. Here is the rundown of the tracks on this dark Italian crystal:

1. Clones Theory – Dance!!
2. Low-Fi – Dead Disco Syndrome #1
3. Martello – Scomodi Silenzi
4. Marlat – Lady Anne
5. Der Himmel über Berlin – Night Moans
6. Stardom – Diario d’inverno
7. In Her Eye – Push Me Down
8. Ash of Nubia – Soft As The Massacre of Suns
9. A Copy for Collapse – White Rainbow
10. Kreativ In Den Boden – Abraxas
11. Psychocandy – The Last Twist of Moon-Knife
12. The Nine Tears – Black Heart
13. Modern Blossom – Velvet Shoulders
14. Virtual Cage – Divine Suicide
15. Ira-k Organisation – Pride
16. Alkemic Generator – Walking Away
17. Bloody Kiss – Black Hope
18. Weird. – The Moan
19. NID – Again
20. Moldig – Vain


I Vacation In Your Hell
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