Oh fucking yeah I liked this shit before I even heard it. Pumping it hard in the a.m. and no one could give a complaint because when you hear this shit you will understand. When you feel this shit you will feel its healing properties and you will want more of it. These post-witch-house anthems compiled by 23 year old producer CONCLΔVE feature a mix of talent lending their voices for a complete album that you are sure to want to get your hands on “A”-“S” “MUTHERFUCKING”-“A”-“P”. Ocean Star featuring Luxe Calip has got my heart sinking ever so deeply into my chest.

Here is a rundown of this shit pronto:

1. Melted (feat. Berna So)
2. Knighthood (feat. Spz Chaote)
3. Ocean Star (feat. Luxe Calip)
4. Rip The Sky Asunder
5. Portals (feat. BLAM LORD)
6. Tenebris (feat. Skint Eastwood)
7. Island (feat. Leo & the Tolstoys)
8. Crystal Skies (feat. HAWAII94)


I Vacation In Your Hell
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