Handbook For The Recently Deceased – Quicksand


This is so new and fresh from the streets that I am not certain that this is the real name of the outfit. For now we we’ll call them by the name appearing on their player. I had my bitches try to blow up their phone and confirm more shit about this recording. Needless to say I couldn’t wait and decided to post this new lovely shit for you anyways. This is the fairest of them all for that white witch that everyone is into right now. I kind of knew 2014 was going to start off this way, it is only natural to lean this way when you are already riding that white high from yesteryear. I am digging the voice here coupled with these sick beats and wickedly addictive keys. I can always count on quality shit being thrown my way when it is coming from Mountain Fighting. Come on sync your player with mine. We will enjoy this one in unison.

*****Update from Mountain Fighting: Band is now called Handbook For The Recently Deceased****** Here is their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hftrd


I Vacation In Your Hell
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