Trust – Rescue, Mister


I realize at best in this life I will be second best to something else for anyone I ever meet. I may be unlovable, I may not be desired in the way that I would have hoped, I may not ever find anyone who cares enough to stop my constant burning or put up with my endless void of need. Why do I require someone when I am not capable of ever locating this person who I have missed since the day I was born. My heart shatters into more pieces each and every day, and the ones who have offered me friendship, I do everything in my power to burn every bridge back to them, because I know they will see who I really am, am understand what I know about myself to be true. What I have is this, my only purpose, exists within this sound, for moments like these, constant discovery is all that I have to bring myself back to a place that is far from neutral, that senses every moment like it could be the last I have, driven by fear, driven by love to be alive in this moment where I discover something of myself through what you hear below. All of my blackest love to you, whose eyes read this, whose ears hear this song, and to you the man who wrote it for us, forever I am in your debt.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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