Virgin Blood // Snow

Virgin Blood Snow

This hauntingly reminds me of the time when I squatted for 3-long weeks in an abandoned elementary school while the harshness of winter set-in. There were no signs of life, my surroundings were poorly lit and the cold forgotten institution that enclosed me seemed from an era far too distant for my comfort levels to properly adjust. Scratched chalkboards, stacks of ant-chairs and the horse-hair tile that became my bed made me feel alienated and lost. Lucky for me though I had the wind off my face and the sweet music to keep me alive.

This ambient production by Virgin Blood showcases superb artistic craft as I find it on repeat trying to comprehend its true meaning, trying to generate a feeling, trying to distill its essence. I am not surprised by this direction. Kind of saw it coming. I somehow anticipated something like this on the horizon.

Ambient music can sometimes lead you down a creek to complete isolation where there is no bridge back. In Virgin Blood’s case though this is clearly an exercise in artistic expansion, an artistic exhibit of sorts — who along the way stopped and captured some field recordings of a swashing nearby stream. Can’t wait to hear Snow on tape. Can’t wait to experience it over and over again in its intended analog filter of white.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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