Witch House Nostalgia Vol. 5


Feeling very nostalgic today for some reason. Maybe its the endless rain. Wanted to relive the journey which has been the past few years so I popped this one on. It gets me feeling very sentimental back to the era of bath salts and pissing myself on a regular basis. It’s all there, how you remembered it:

Crim3s , †HAT WAS †HEN †HIS IS NOW, Creep, Drowning The Colossus, MØTHER ØF TE∆RS, GOSTS, BL▲CK † CEILING, GuMMy†Be▲R!……just to name a few. This mix is the mother fucker of all mixes.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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One Response to Witch House Nostalgia Vol. 5

  1. forestpunk says:

    where has all the witch house gone?

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