Interiors // PDX


I fell asleep listening to this the other night and it became the soundtrack to a series of dreams I had. In my current chemical state of being, sleep is a rarity for me, so remembering dreams is even a rarer experience. In this dream I was taken back to the days when I roadied for an elusive dream pop band that never gained proper notoriety till after disbandment.

Those were some low budget days when you had to make the dollar stretch. Most of the tour money given to us by the label was poured into maintaining the enormous amount of musical equipment we decided to take on the road with us. It was a full time job soldering shorted out stomp boxes and tuning specialty instruments where at times we had to manufacture our own parts for because of their rarity. However, the results from our hard work was superbly sounding live shows that sounded even better than what was on the studio record. By the end of the tour the sound was so monumentally flawless we were starting to get industry insiders to show up to our shows to try to figure out what it was that we were doing.

When I hear shit like Interiors it takes me back to those types of moments in my life, even if it is to relive a faded memory through a dream. Yes, this shit here is completely electronic where in those days we rang ambient sounds through an electric guitar and a multitude of effects. The goal will always remain the same. This type of sound just does something to the listener that you can’t experience anywhere else.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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