Spell Hound // Lamentation

A person can only be exposed to so much corruption before completely switching off and feeling numb to everything and everyone around them. In a way I feel sorry for the average politician, businessman, lawyer that is blinded by greed. Everyone has a price, but for most of these people in power the magic number is $1,000,000. Seems like a modest price to slaughter, rig, and destroy any good will left in the universe. I warn you, don’t be blinded by this shit, live in the moment and discover more art, because it will make your trip here more worth while. Now this new audio-visual from one of my favorites of 2013 Spell Hound called Lamentation showcases musicianship and artistry of a higher pedigree. Its more mellower than what we are used to coming from the duo which usually releases a more hyper sense of melancholy. I like this direction they are taking us, I’m liking it a lot.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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