Sex and Violence: the Life of Edward de Vere // Derek Hunter the Chaos Riddler

sex and violence the life of edward de vere

This shit takes me to some psychosomatic areas I normally no longer like to visit since my Industrial days, but for some reason today I likey. I am confused by the subject matter of this concept album but not all that entirely. It may be esoteric but the music is straight dope. Here is what this cat’s press release had to say to better clarify:

An experimental/electro/noise/industrial/ambient/spoken-word music biography concept album on the life of Edward de Vere. De Vere was the man many (yet still not the majority) believe (as I do) was the true author of the plays and poems commonly known to be written by William Shakespeare. While I do call it somewhat experimental, the album definitely has plenty of groovy tunes and has even caused some people to get up off their chairs and start dancing.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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