Svetlana Sins // Livein // She Lies For Me

she lies for me senator park

My darkened soul was in some deep need of some rejuvenation during this last drought from the last featured release from my Cape Town Captor’s who also have a string of other aliases that they go by. Their latest incarnation Svetlana Sins has me floored after I took a hit of this pure grade genius shit. Now I can’t stop drooling on myself right after I pissed myself 3 times in a row. I will just lay here and enjoy this high until someone peels me off this disgusting floor that is my temporary residence. Why the fuck is Senator Park/Marxloh/Sad Hands/Crueler’s music so ingenious? I ask myself this upon every one of their releases. They have re-written the rules of goth-dark-shit and you should take notice of how they craft their art because this is so fucking good words can’t describe it.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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