$1000 Wallet Mix Tape….Vibe to this shit with me!


I found $1000 just laying on the ground the other day. Someone left me a gifty. I likey. I have been craving for some grave hop to vibe to. This $1000 mix came through for me big fucking time. The only thing that I think is missing is some Bruxa. I love me some Bruxa especially when teaming up with Tombz. Man, shit has been getting deep as of late. I got kicked out of last Friday’s Festivities so I wasn’t able to cover it. I try to keep a low profile. Motherfuckers got to be stepping up on me and shit.

Yung Gud – U Want Me
Xavier Wulf – The Last Jewel
Padillion – ネオン桜の涙
Future – Covered N Money (Mike Labyrinth Remix)
Yng Sad – L E A V E
GR€G x ℂight – let it go
$1000 Wallet – なぜ
Agile – Glow
BONES – Water
Padiliion – •Ocean 808•
??? – ???
GR€G – Lottery_Money 2K98
Yung Lean – King of The Darkness (UV boi فوق بنفسجي Edit)
Lil Netzero – ナイキナノスーツ™
BONES & Chris Travis – FallenLeaves
Blanco Yamaguchi – ]]]]\\\\yeen{}{}{{{ tryna scrap doe”””
Fifty Grand – Oh Well (Instrumental Version)


I Vacation In Your Hell
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