TR3TT5 // Thawing a Fog

witch house

Some cinematic backdrop shit for you to vibe to. I am running low on fuel. Yesterday I decided to sit on a curb to take a break from the the relentless sun which was burning my back. Oh it burns my back all day. I sat down on a curb in a neighborhood and a schizo man came out and harassed me saying I was not allowed to sit in front of his house. None-the-less I gave him an earful of shit he has never heard before. His bewilderment and look of shock could be sensed from miles away. He then retreated with his tail between his legs stating he was calling the cops for verbal assault. I told him you walked into a hornet’s nest when you decided to engage in a conversation with me. Needless to say the sun makes me irritated and the shit I can normally take off of people is reduced immensely.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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