Marxloh // A Thousand Times


Simply ‘perfect”, not a single blemish on Marxloh’s brand new milky Gothic long-player. Plan to roll this one “A Thousand Times” over. These 7 tracks ringing in at 28 minutes and 42 seconds is an accomplished and rather exhilarating ride through the extremely darkened waters that you will enjoy every gloomy second of. This is a ride of a fucking life time because it is one of those experiences that will teach you how to be more blackened and humble to the cruelty of the world. I will try not to piss all over this because sometimes there are those moments in life that the limited vocabulary of the English language can not express the monumental gain of an artistic accomplishment. If you want to push your senses to the max go and check out the full spectrum of this artist’s work which appears under other names: Svetlana Sins and Crueler.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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