Levana Sorrow // Possessed Paracusis

Levana Sorrow

Don’t know what kind of music they call this in the great land of the south, but for today let it be called “good shit”. I like to get down to this drone/ambient mix of sorts a lot lately. Seems to be the perfect soundtrack for my late age suicide. I am hoping the artist’s upcoming full length is of equal footing with all kinds of special guests and shit. All of my favorite artists come from OZ — so I am anxious who makes it on. What we showcase much of here in hell is artists’ first works, something I take a lot of pride in. This is classically a good first impression in my book — an artist wielding their own sound by doing their own thing.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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2 Responses to Levana Sorrow // Possessed Paracusis

  1. That’s witch house for you. Also, isn’t the spoken word stuff Russian? Since Russia is where a huge amount of the good witch house music comes from, I wouldn’t be surprised if Levana Sorrow is really from there. That track is from an upcoming Phantasma Disques compilation called Possessed! ! Inside the House of Psychotic Women. Which is a lovely title. https://www.facebook.com/sorrowlevana

    • SITE MASTER says:

      You are right a lot of the acts lately are claiming to be from Europe because they think it has more cool factor. Truth is, as you mentioned the best Witch Brew is coming straight from Russia. Acts like Zex Model are leading the way. Thanks for your keen insight.

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