Psychic Rites // Singularity EP

psychic rites

This new one from Psychic Rites hit while I was still trying to turn the new leaf over from my infamous first week of the year. Very proud for this to be our first post of 2015. I knew we had a promising release coming from these guys considering the colossal shit this outfit put together in the form of a video single last year that goes by the same name. If this is what is dropping along with the new Widowmaker (review coming soon) already in 15, then you better fasten your seat-belts for one hell of a ride.

The pedigree demonstrated on the Singularity EP from this outfit is masterclass. There are 3 new tracks I haven’t heard before plus some excellent remixes which are unique to be new songs in their own right. Each track demonstrates well thought out and rehearsed visions that transpire into dark night anthems. Lyrically and instrumentally this is a complete record. You are not going to find a more quality EP posted here in hell. Almost too good to be here, but then again this post is in the best of company. The production and mastering on Singularity has this puppy pumping hard and extra crystal clear. You see Sitemaster knows quality when he hears it.

Psychic Rites is reaching elevations here that no one else is getting close to, well unless by invitation, with remixes by Twilight Coil, Force Publique, Witowmaker and BLVCK CEILING which are on display on this EP. I am not hyping this shit because everything is class “A” on this record, right down to the artwork which is suitable for framing. Give this golden EP a whirl.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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