WiToWMaKeR // Itchy Knuckles Bassline Music Y2K


WiToWMaKeR dropped this at the turn of the year around midnight 2014 —-> 2015. This outfit has been keeping busy lending remix efforts on the new Psychic Rites and then this EP which goes by the name of “Itchy Knuckles Bassline Music Y2K” which pays tribute to the era from about 15 years ago. Experimental to the core. A collage of many different styles on showcase here from grime to witch to old school techno on the verge of post-Sea-Punk. All this shit right here fits the bill for me nicely. It is convenient to have all this shit that I like in one place as far as styles are concerned. I love smashing stuff. Got to say I do.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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