pvty kerry

I will let this shit from Pvty Kerry speak for its self. There is no doubt these recordings are high on experimentation reaching epic proportions. I like the way everything just jives together in a cauldron of odd ideas becoming a soup of sound so to speak. You know I like the odd things in life too. I like to feel strange like waking up in a park somewhere with a lot of unaccounted time not knowing how I ended up there.

Heard a lot of buzz coming over the shit conveyor belt that is social media about the Granny Awards. I can’t believe that bullshit show is still on. Especially after taking an ass beating thanks to the horizontal effect of the Internet on distribution. A lot of people were talking about that guy that is married to that Kardashian and some self proclaimed Loser who won an award off of some high budget album that was mediocre at best. Some say those self congratulatory corporate award shows are designed to keep the same artists in power no matter how bland and creatively limited they have become. Any real artist that by fluke received such an award would take the opportunity to wipe their ass with the award. Most creatives know that the outcomes of these award shows is not based on artistic merit but on corporate sponsorship and a industry of mediocrity. Any artist posted here is way better than any of the shit displayed last night. I will back that shit up with a lifetime guarantee. On that note introducing PVTY KERRY.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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