Coco Carbomb and Witchboy // In With The Outzone

Coco Carbomb

There are moments on this here sound collage that remind me of some of those unique times when artists were creating artistry all their own. Something idiosyncratic. Something endogenous in scope. Some place in their own world of sorts. I can pinpoint where this collaboration from Coco Carbomb and Witchboy takes me. For me it was the year 1992 and I was just roaming the country in search for my identity. I was not lost nor found just searching. Sometimes you have to just roll the dice and see where life takes you. For me I ended up heading out on the road with some artists I admired. I had developed a keen skill of tuning instruments and breaking down kits. The memories that this record produces for me is unreal. I know one thing I will be taking this 18 tracker wherever I go. This is probably one of the best full lengths that I have heard in a long time. Deserving of a vinyl pressing with extensive album art.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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