I Vacation In South By Southwest 2015

sxsw 2015

Each and every year, at about this time, flowers shoot forth upon the earth enveloping us in its delicious perfume, the grass underfoot is lush and green, and trees begin to bring forth its leaves while the ice melts away to sleep, all to welcome back the beautiful Proserpina from the realm of Pluto and his land of darkness and death. It is also around this time when we begin to hie ourselves off to Austin, TX to envelope ourselves in great music, great parties, and great friends, taking a much needed break from the mundane realities of this world for the annual music conference, South By Southwest. This year looks like it’s going to be a spectacular one, filled with lots of great opportunities for musical exploration. Let’s get started!

Some of the acts this year that we’ll have our eyes on will be playing various official/non-official SXSW showcases and day parties including The Levitation Official Showcase at Hotel Vegas featuring artists on the Sacred Bones label on 3/19, The Holodeck Records Official Showcase at the Madison on 3/20, The Moog/Switched On Showcase at Elysium on 3/21, The Hype Machine Hotel, Beautiful Buzzz Presents: TBD Austin, The Fader Fort, Culture Collide, Flood Fest, Austin Party Weekend, the Under The Radar Magazine Day Party, and the Berklee SXSW Day Party to name a few.

chaos in texas


hype motel

tbd austin


Some of the acts we’ll be following are as follows:

Pharmakon, Doom Squad, SSLEEPERHOLD, GABI, Marie Davidson, Thousand Foot Whale Claw, Silent Land Time Machine, The Residents, How I Quit Crack, Hundred Waters, Pompeya, Wand, Vision Fortune, East India Youth, Noveller, Lust For Youth, Uniform, Radclyffe Hall, Avers, and Trans-X

That all said, one never really knows what to expect at SXSW. In fact, the first rule of thumb is to be open to any and all experiences. The other is to have back up plans to your back up plans. The acts and events listed are just the tip of the iceberg. Also, there are times when one simply happens upon a new group or artist accidentally. Anything can happen.

Although Proserpina is doomed to return to the dark and gloomy world below, which to be truthful, our dark souls find to be just as lovely as Spring and sunshine, she’s sure to pack a lot of fun into her short time above the realm of Pluto.

Likewise, we’ll be in Austin, TX for the whole of the music portion of SXSW, 3/17-3/21, and will be reporting throughout the week on live shows, parties, and, of course, MUSIC, trying to get as much in as we possibly can.
Until next time…


I Vacation In Your Hell
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