I Vacation at SxSW: CVRRENTS 2015 DARK ELECTRONIC RITUAL on Tuesday 3/17/2015


The whirlwind of parties, dancing, and music pretty much began when I landed in Austin, TX on Monday, and hasn’t lessened any since then. It’s exhausting when I think about it, which is why I’m not going to. The CVRRENTS 2015 DARK ELECTRONIC RITUAL on Tuesday, 3/17, at the Chain Drive Austin, was a nice escape from all the hustle and bustle one finds at a conference/festival like SXSW. As soon as I walked in the Chain Drive, it felt like home. As I arrived none other than Mike Textbeak greets me with pleasantry to the ears via his DJ mixology.

I got there kinda late, having come from a party. Millennial Grave was the first complete set I saw, which is a one man synth project from Houston curated by Eric Castillo, full dark delicious disco beats. It was pretty fucking good.

millenial grave at sxsw 2015

The next group up was a duo from San Antonio, †LOΛΣΓS†, which consisted of a female on vocals and a guy on synths. Their live set I really dug. It was pretty down tempo and sort wrapped around you like all the cloudy haze coming from the fog machine that night. You sort of just want to lose yourself for a moment in all that sound.

lovers sxsw

After †LOΛΣΓS† I went outside for a bit then came back as GOST came on. This was another one man project who had people on the floor dancing to his sick beats.


The final act I saw before heading out was Mr. Kitty, a synth duo that had the sweetest, most purrrfect guy on vocals. He was like a bright sprite in a dark world. He was full of energy and had people dancing.

mr kitty sxsw 2

mr kitty sxsw

I’m glad I was able to check out this fucking fabulous party. I went to it last year when it was at The Loft and had a great time then. Anyway, I’m suddenly being whisked away into all the madness again.

Until next time…


I Vacation In Your Hell
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