Every year is horrible for someone, and some people never get a good year, but a lot of spoiled people seemed to agree that last year was the worst year of all time. I’m objectively an asshole, so I guess 2016 was right up my alley. I had a rough time, lost a friend, almost died myself, so I wasn’t too worried about other shit. I live outside of society, once you’ve lived on the street you don’t give a fuck anymore, I’m not a political motherfucker so I’m gonna stay out of that shit until they knock on my door and shut this blog down. I say whatever the fuck I want and I won’t feel bad if I hurt feelings, know that shit now if you’re going to hang around, I don’t want to get any letters about how I’m getting knocked off your x-mas card list because of some shit I said, I’m not here to make friends, and fuck that. I just look around and I see a world of people who are ruled by fear, you’re not alive is all I have to tell you, and if you gotta dance you best dance for yourself, because everyone else is going to shit on you until they knock you back into a cave somewhere and shut you the fuck up.




David Bowie -Blackstar

I think we were all fond of his death, death causes us to care, and appreciate more than we normally would have. This album would have been above average in any other year, but due to the circumstances, it is now my favorite, as it was the final release which created scarcity. We will miss you, and the magic you do.


Lust For Youth – Compassion

I have a feeling this album cover has a lot of un-PC things written in brail. This is a great fucking album, feeling this right now all over again.


Kanye West – The Life of Pablo

I feel bad that his MK handlers had to reprogram him, he looks so dazed lately, I hope he recovers. He made this list because this is one of his best albums. I liked Yeezus a lot, but I think this one is better if you’ve not tried either, try both.


Nicolas Jaar – Sirens

He’s got some jams on here again, some atmospheric jams, it’s got some regular beats, and some stuff with some crazy beats, nutty jazzscapes and otherwise. I like this one enough to upload the photo and say some nice things here with my fingers.


Suede – Night Thoughts

It’s been thrilling to hear the last two Suede records touch on the sounds of their prime. If you don’t know much about Suede you should look into it, or ask an adult to help you open the fridge and pour some juice.


Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker

Just by looking at the cover you can probably piece together how Leonard Cohen died. Wow, we’ve got two dead artists on this list, maybe one day everyone who puts out a record will die in the same year to promote it, I will always guarantee anyone 60 years+ who passes away during the promotion cycle a spot in the top 10.


The Mission – Another Fall From Grace

Seriously great to hear them back at it again, it’s not been that long, 2013, but still they’ve remained pretty active since 86, really fucking nice guitar, puts me in the mood, for whatever I get put in the mood to do. Teaches the lesson leave the goth to your parents kids.


Black Mountain – IV

I’ll let this video speak for itself here:


Preoccupations – Preoccupations

This one requires two video references:

Moderat – III


This one does some very fucking nice stuff, moody as fuck. or just AF.


This one should be up further on the page, or maybe the lower section is the mountain you have to climb to get to this filet.

I have a couple more I want to add, maybe before I’ll tack them on here before June or something. I don’t know.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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  1. Alright White says:

    Love this list and that you give it to us real. Glad to see you posting again. I feared you were gone for a minute earlier this year. I have some catching up to do. Cheers

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