LUMINANCE /// Constance in Sorrow /// FREE DOWNLOAD


Am I going to keep this free download train fucking running FULL ON, FUCK YES. Get ready to fucking shadow dance with the best of them at work or in your car, or eating fucking donuts. Whatever lame shit you do, get ready to give it the drama that your mundane shit needs to take it to the next level and have every motion and gesture possess the deep meaning and intention you’ve been looking for. Dark life is special life, normal life is like BORING AS FUCK. The atmosphere, the expansive guitars on the second moody shit are giving me wood, listen to a bunch of these tracks, it’s fucking incredible shit, seriously, where are the record labels with huge advance dollars and million dollar videos to throw at this amazing shit. Dude this motherfucker could end up being fucking best friend status, unhealthy obsession best friend who you never meet and try to emulate from home and never go out and just do drugs instead ❤

Get your shit dancing here:

Get your shit moody as fuck here:


I Vacation In Your Hell
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