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A lot of people who write me ask questions that I don’t always feel comfortable answering, questions about mental illness, about the inconsistency of the blog posts. Most seem to realize when the posts stop I’ve gone off the deep end, and feel like I’ve painted myself into a corner and can’t get out of it. No one ever gives you the advice you need to hear which is walk on the paint to get the fuck out of the corner, most people just try to tell you how to adjust to being in the corner, and that sounds like bullshit when you’re fucking stuck there. I don’t think I’m anyone who should be answering your questions or try to make you feel better about mental illness, I feel like mine goes completely under the radar until shit hits the fan and people see that my actions don’t make sense or start making them uncomfortable.

When I listen to music I try to understand the intent or the overall purpose. Many just want to entertain, and that’s fine, music is a beautiful and enjoyable thing. A lot of the originators of specific sounds within the world of dark music were extremely mentally ill, and you end up with people who want to live in an aesthetic that’s not entirely natural to them, then you see motherfuckers who you can’t imagine being able to function in any other way shape or form other than the unhealthy world which they created and plays into our depraved voyeuristic appetites. I feel my personality melting away and I don’t know if there’s a lot left that allows me to connect with anyone in any sort of meaningful way. I don’t mean this as a stab to anyone I know, or my helper bitches, I just am disintegrating in many ways.

What does any of this have to do with this album, absolutely noting, this record is really fucking good, sounds like a lot of hard work went into it, really great fucking melodies, nice guest spot by Sister Calypso on the album opener Shipwreck, great fucking voice for this. Lot of other wonderful moments I’m too fucking submerged into a substance that approximates our atmosphere but won’t allow me to even move in any way but what it wants to say another word.

You should buy their shit so they can keep making shit for you to enjoy:




Here’s what their thing says:

A Thousand Hours release their second album “Sleep,” July 22. The album finds the northern collective further refining their 4AD infused ethereal style with tracks fuller and far more atmospheric than their first release “Endless Grey.” The music, a mix of dreampop, shoegaze, post-punk and even darkwave styles, blends seamlessly awash with reverb and drifting at a slow pace, evoking multiple colors over a dusky cold sky.
“We aren’t a band per se,” says song arranger and writer Red Collier. “We very much take our cue from This Mortal Coil and rely on a large cast of characters to assemble a large album collage. This album is far grander in scope and styling than out first one, which lends it a wide variant in sound.”
With over 12 contributors to the album, including members of the Fawns of Love, Friends of Alice Ivy and the Beremy Jets, it would be apropos to call A Thousand Hours a collective moreso than a band. This collective however does more than enshroud themselves in the sound of dream pop past, they have made it all their own.


I Vacation In Your Hell
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