Sometimes you have some really fucking low moments in life, and hearing a simple but uplifting message in a song really resonates in some strange cinematic way, maybe it’s how I’ve been programed by our military entertainment complex, because every now again something gets through the cracks and I start to feel shit. Believe me I make a concerted effort to not feel shit 24/7. This song really gets cooking toward the end. When you least expect it, just what you least expect, love comes quickly whatever you do you can’t help fallin’ (oh ahhh ehhh oh ahhh ehhh).

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Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 2.39.58 PM.png

It was a good time for me to come out of my fucking coma again, shit is getting fucking real, hearing Robert Alfons fucking tear into the shit at full power is causing me to get hard in strange ways. This is what the shit is all about, fuck with TR/ST all you want, but you just fucking can’t fuck with TR/ST. NEW ALBUM FUCKING DROPS IN 2018, way to take your sweet sweet time RA. I am beautiful ❤ Matthew

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AH the beauty of fucking pure gold mellow shit, fuck yes!! This is the smooth jazz ride I’ve been looking to take for a few fucking years now, finally this shit is being made again but fucking insane producers, when the gentle breeze of the classical guitar whofts above the sparkling chimes you will fucking lose your shit. Get this shit, give him the fucking dollar he’s asking for and GET THIS SHIT.

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HOLY FUCK THIS IS SOME BEAUTIFUL NEOFOLK!!! Do the kids even call it Neofolk any more, I don’t know, but those who are of age get what I’m getting at here. Been on a DIJ kick so seeing someone carry the torch is wonderful.

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I usually have a cut off if it looks like someone is spending a fuck ton of money on your record then I don’t feel so desperate to get the word out about you. But this is just borderline, really slick video, the production of this album is fucking beautiful, listen to the pitch bend drags on the vocal. FUCK, love this shit, whoever this (these) mothersfuckers they nailed some shit right here. I’d look it up but to say I don’t have time is a joke, the ghostly peeps will send me a message if they want shit accurately represented here, it’s the one time you know you’re always going to hear from labels. BLAST THIS FUCKING JAM UNTIL YOUR FUCKING HEAD EXPLODES INTO A CLOUD.

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Some nice dreamy shit from this grouping of dreamers, WHO FUCKING EAT DREAMS. Keep your dreams off their dinner plates motherfuckers.

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My beautiful bitch Michael Cameron from LOS ANGELES turned me onto this shit, really fucking great tracks. Dig below the surface motherfuckers and you strike black gold. I’ve got every fucking major label sending me their shit daily because they think I’m going to go fucking insane and post some fucking rich kid who has decided that they were bored with money and wanted to inflict their feelings on me. 16 seconds into any track and I can call bullshit if they really gave a fuck about the music or not, even if it’s just a single sustained note. Instead of writing it out again for your I’ll just say I echo bill hicks says about the lowering of standards here. THIS SHIT IS FOR FUCKING REAL IF YOU WANT THAT.  WHICH I CAN TELL BY THE GLEAM IN YOUR EYE, YOU DO.

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I know I say this shit a lot, but MOTHERFUCKER PLEASE, HOLY FUCK, THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST GODDAMN TRACKS OF THE YEAR!!! IT’S AN EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS SO GET THIS SHIT FAST!!! FRANK RABEYROLLES’S ALBUM APART IS ABOUT TO DROP TODAY,  AND FUCcCCcccccKKKKKKKKKK!!!!! THEY KNOW HOW TO DO THIS SHIT RIGHT IN FRANCE!!! People say fuck SITEMASTER how can I find all of this amazing shit like you do and run the world’s greatest fucking blog? I don’t think you could, I can only name a few who can fucking run with the wolves for fucking real. Just enjoy our relationship the way it is, I wouldn’t ask questions, or venture too far outside the safe dark pastures I provide for you. TODAY IS A DAY TO PRAISE THE GIFTS THAT WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN FROM THE LAND OF ETERNAL TWILIGHT, AND THE NEWEST BLACK STAR IN THE DARK SKY /// FRANK RABEYROLLES. BUY THE FULL ALBUM RIGHT NOW FUCKING NOW OR FUCKING HERE.


Here’s what his thing says:

The most striking feature of Frank’ s music is its elusiveness as Frank has become an expert in confusing and misleading his listeners. With his latest album ‘Apart, conceived as the result of years of composition and writing, the french songwriter’s music reveals itself openly, suffused with a dreamlike atmosphere slightly unreal and already familiar. Frank belongs to a generation permeated with rock music in its teens, overcome by the

discovery of the bedroom pop and the limitless possibilities of the home studio. He has put his self -taught art of melody and climate in the foreground and the songs which compose this album, between Shoegaze mellowness and new wave emotion, play with his dancing leanings, on the edge of club lofi music. FR’s music is moving, never pathetic and the musician re-asserts in ‘Apart’ his ambitions and longing for escapism.

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GLITCH BLACK /// March of the Interdimensional Strike Force /// FUCK YEAH

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 3.52.01 AM

2017 is going to go down as one of the greatest fucking years for music in decades. From the elaborate shit, to the simple atmospheric shit, it’s just a fucking dark rainbow of extreme variety and more passion for the art now that the money and support has been wiped out, you reading this are the entire audience for some of these bands I post. Some of this shit gets drafted up into the major league hits the festival circuit, but I don’t know if those are ever the best bands who get to be part of that .00000001%, I’ve watched it happen, I can’t even list for you how many times I’ve seen a band that IVIYH has plugged that got the spotlight from major blogs I will not name here, but they are the disgusting shit that I’m sure you no longer read if you’re still clicking on my shit.

This is the story from their/his thing: From interdimensional hyperspace comes an apparition who tore itself from the frayed fabric of the universe. Clearly this being doesn’t belong in this world. He is Glitch Black. And he makes music to keep this dimension from falling apart.

Buy his shit:


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Some fucking phenomenal new shit from BLVCK CEILING, HOLY FUCK HAS THIS GUY PUT OUT A TON OF AMAZING SHIT. I don’t have it in me today to be much of a poet about shit, get knocked for a loop last night. MUCH LOVE TO YOU MR. BLVCK, AND FOR ALL OF THE DARK GIFTS YOU HAVE GIVEN US ❤

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