I know I say this shit a lot, but MOTHERFUCKER PLEASE, HOLY FUCK, THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST GODDAMN TRACKS OF THE YEAR!!! IT’S AN EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS SO GET THIS SHIT FAST!!! FRANK RABEYROLLES’S ALBUM APART IS ABOUT TO DROP TODAY,  AND FUCcCCcccccKKKKKKKKKK!!!!! THEY KNOW HOW TO DO THIS SHIT RIGHT IN FRANCE!!! People say fuck SITEMASTER how can I find all of this amazing shit like you do and run the world’s greatest fucking blog? I don’t think you could, I can only name a few who can fucking run with the wolves for fucking real. Just enjoy our relationship the way it is, I wouldn’t ask questions, or venture too far outside the safe dark pastures I provide for you. TODAY IS A DAY TO PRAISE THE GIFTS THAT WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN FROM THE LAND OF ETERNAL TWILIGHT, AND THE NEWEST BLACK STAR IN THE DARK SKY /// FRANK RABEYROLLES. BUY THE FULL ALBUM RIGHT NOW FUCKING NOW OR FUCKING HERE.


Here’s what his thing says:

The most striking feature of Frank’ s music is its elusiveness as Frank has become an expert in confusing and misleading his listeners. With his latest album ‘Apart, conceived as the result of years of composition and writing, the french songwriter’s music reveals itself openly, suffused with a dreamlike atmosphere slightly unreal and already familiar. Frank belongs to a generation permeated with rock music in its teens, overcome by the

discovery of the bedroom pop and the limitless possibilities of the home studio. He has put his self -taught art of melody and climate in the foreground and the songs which compose this album, between Shoegaze mellowness and new wave emotion, play with his dancing leanings, on the edge of club lofi music. FR’s music is moving, never pathetic and the musician re-asserts in ‘Apart’ his ambitions and longing for escapism.

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GLITCH BLACK /// March of the Interdimensional Strike Force /// FUCK YEAH

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 3.52.01 AM

2017 is going to go down as one of the greatest fucking years for music in decades. From the elaborate shit, to the simple atmospheric shit, it’s just a fucking dark rainbow of extreme variety and more passion for the art now that the money and support has been wiped out, you reading this are the entire audience for some of these bands I post. Some of this shit gets drafted up into the major league hits the festival circuit, but I don’t know if those are ever the best bands who get to be part of that .00000001%, I’ve watched it happen, I can’t even list for you how many times I’ve seen a band that IVIYH has plugged that got the spotlight from major blogs I will not name here, but they are the disgusting shit that I’m sure you no longer read if you’re still clicking on my shit.

This is the story from their/his thing: From interdimensional hyperspace comes an apparition who tore itself from the frayed fabric of the universe. Clearly this being doesn’t belong in this world. He is Glitch Black. And he makes music to keep this dimension from falling apart.

Buy his shit:


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Some fucking phenomenal new shit from BLVCK CEILING, HOLY FUCK HAS THIS GUY PUT OUT A TON OF AMAZING SHIT. I don’t have it in me today to be much of a poet about shit, get knocked for a loop last night. MUCH LOVE TO YOU MR. BLVCK, AND FOR ALL OF THE DARK GIFTS YOU HAVE GIVEN US ❤

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I’m sure people will listen and hear more modern influences, but when I put this on, to me it sounds like pure RUBY off of Salt peter, which is a big one that my dad used to play for me on his acoustic guitar around the campfires on camping trips we never had. Really loving this track.

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waterlaso - a dictionary of sailing cover

This album is getting completed one song every 5 years, but holy fuck it’s worth it. People think I freak out about random shit, but there’s just so much angst to this fucking jangle pop song, it’s a fucking shoegaze pop sledge hammer. Dance till you fucking die.



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Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 1.52.10 AM

Pretty fucking stunning recording, the resolution on those reverb trails are fucking insane, you can definitely see the edge of the ABYSS when you play this. This is someone else’s Abyss, not my fucking beautiful infinite void, but I recognize everyone has their own, and their own unique hell for me to vacation. You want my abyss, take a look into the NEBULOUS VOID. But this is still very fucking bad ass, builds real fucking nice, love to you NOTAKER, sending sonic hearts.

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So beautiful, I wish lives could have gone differently and he was a free man to join me in the ultimate synth-pop/darkwave band. This is such beautiful moment, seeing a young Assange dancing to Ultravox, it literally distills the very essence of what life is, and the irony of what is has become for so many of us, I’m sure this isn’t a newsflash to you if you’re reading this blog, but he isn’t the only political prisoner of the US government, after you’re done boning off tonight take a look in the mirror, or the reflection of any dark puddle or random pool of blood you may happen across in the street and you might see another. Saying a dark prayer for protection for this self-sacrificed angel, until we meet on the dance floor in a medieval goth club in the astral plane, warriors for our redeemed state, dancing in the external twilight of the black sun.

Here’s a beautiful live version from a couple years ago, such a beautiful choice to hit the dance floor to:


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I can barely even wrap my shit around how fucking much I love this right now, was having an especially low day, and this beautiful motherfucker from Santiago, Chile sent me a download of his amazing DARK MUSIC offering. A perfect storm of goth, etherial and shoegaze, so dark and so light all at the the same time.  A lot of people want their fucking gaze music way over-polished, and this hits the perfect mix of hi and lo fi to give it that atmosphere that gets me FUCKING ZONED, DEAD FUCKING ICED. People are asking why I’m posting shit on the weekend and why that never happened before, A there’s too much fucking insane shit like this coming out now that I can’t sleep unless I get it the fuck out there, and B, I lived with this dude that had a paper route, it’s not kids that do that shit, this is like taking papers to all of the boxes and circle ks, 711s and shit, massive amounts of papers, and he’d make me help his ass on the weekends, which means getting up at like 2am in the fucking ice cold garage and unbundling and sorting the two pieces they arrive in with the coupons and ads and shit into one paper that god knows who fucking buys anymore. Anything to not have to pay rent, so I did that for a few years, the rest of the time I think I just had PTSD from it, I remember the dude threw a hammer at me this one time because I drank too much of his cough syrup, I wasn’t trying to get loaded, I’ve just never had shit like that that a doctor gives you, I buy the orange shit and drink it out of the bottle, thats what my uncle taught me, we’d chug half a bottle at a time. Some bad years man, so I;d just sleep in now out of spite for how shitty that shit is. Remember that shit kids, papers don’t get there by themselves, and you don’t want to be the one to have to get that shit there, stay in school or figure out something else for yourself. Don’t be like me.

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Acre Tarn /// Porcelain Charms

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 3.03.30 AM.png

This track has a real strong Knife / Fever Ray vibe – it’s pretty fucking great, a strong motherfucker to end the month. People keep asking me about plans and shit for IVIYH, and what’s next, do I seem like I’m a real plan it out type of motherfucker? I’m seriously just day to day man, I look into the void sometimes and it doesn’t even bother to stare the fuck back anymore, it has better shit to do, I guess that’s what the 80s book less than zero meant in relation to lyfestyle choice. People say, do you give a shit about money or having a place to live,  one thing I learned about money is that people give you that shit if you ask for it, true fucking story. Does that mean I’m fucking loaded, fuck no, I ate half a jar of hot peppers from target for dinner tonight, and it’s looking like the other half is going to be what I eat next, but do I give a fuck, yeah I could have bought any other thing in that damn store for the bucks it cost, I’m unfortunately a vegetarian now, and fuck it’s hard, I can’t make myself eat an animal to save my worthless life, but I fucking hate eating vegetables, I can eat pickles and fucking hot peppers, don’t like how bread makes me feel, I think I’m allergic to that shit, can’t eat diary for shit either. Oh well, my dietary battles are not your concern, what I’m saying is, some shit just is, it’s a magic sparkle that appears on the horizon and it grants you a magical wish and for one night you are a princess in an alternate universe and you go back and try to explain that shit to people and they call you crazy, or act like it’s not that big a deal, to me you and the insane fuckers who’ve taken this journey with me, this has fucking meant something, and fuck there’s been a lot more of you than I ever expected, I actually ended up at a party in Seattle where they were playing one of MY FUCKING MIXXES and I could not believe that shit. This blog is a shrine to putting a check mark in the “other” box, and not the tame ass shit that the blog world wants to fucking force feed you, real fucking nutrient shit, that is what it takes to survive and have every day mean fucking something, real fucking discovery. Live every day like it’s your last or don’t give a fuck, or both, I just say shit gets magickal, and try to be there in the right place at the right time to be the one who gets to see it, and then guess what, you got to see that shit.

Here’s an ancient jam of her’s from last year:

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Honestly, for taking a 20 year smoke break and returning to the scene of the crime after it has been picked apart by children who haven’t understood how to fully operate the machine, they seem to be reanimating the beautiful corpse they left behind nearly 20 years ago. Man this generation was pretty much the last dregs of being for fucking real. I’m younger these grandpas by quite a shot, but I can tell when someone is doing something for the right reasons, and sure needing to pay for shit is a pretty good motivator, but why rake yourselves over the coals after you’ve achieved the artistic heights RIDE has, you only seek to damage your legacy if you don’t find your vibe again, but lucky for these dudes, I don’t think they ever left the fucking Zone for those who caught them on their reunion tour, it was a fucking blast to see them lay the haze on thick as fuck.

“Charm Assault” is taken from Ride’s forthcoming album, Weather Diaries, due to be released on the 16th June 2017 by Wichita Recordings. The album was produced by Erol Alkan and mixed by the band’s longtime collaborator, Alan Moulder.
Andy Bell says “Charm Assault is a pretty straightforward expression of frustration and disgust at the people who currently run our country. The tour in 2015 was a good way of reminding us what we were good at in the first place and Charm Assault feels like a natural continuation from our peak. When we started writing together again we tried to imagine we’d kept on making music all this time, and this was just the latest one.”

Follow Ride

Another small taste of the past:

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