Pink Industry // What I Wouldn’t Give // Don’t Let Go


Two of their best tracks right here for you from legends Pink Industry. Some classic shit to vibe to. Released in 1985 and mastered in 2011. Shit was way ahead of its time. Female lead just rolls with that shit too letting her hair hang all out. Wonder what these cats are up to these days? Probably living the dream knowing they made a masterpiece before you were fucking born.

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Blending the classic with the contemporary in the darker crafts, this dark poet knows how to throw down the experimental vibes. There is an ocean of her music to discover. I’m posting just a few tracks, but you need to float up to the cloud and discover her craft more fully. It is a place of magic and melancholy where purenes is more potent than the darkness you seek. You might find yourself there all day, like I found myself losing track of time.

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Catching Up With Sidewalks and Skeletons


This fellow Jake Lee that is this outfit that goes by the name of Sidewalks and Skeletons regularly kills it in his sleep. When he is not mixing for Crystal Castles, he is crafting cinematic dark sounds that leaves you chasing the dragon of his limited supply chain via the cloud. Could listen to this cat’s catalog all fucking night!

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Molly Nilsson // Think Pink

The 80’s vibe is captured decently on this new Molly Nilsson video for ‘Think Pink”. Molly is one of those artists that puts out an extraordinary amount of work. That my kids is called “work ethic”. All real artists have it. They find something they are good at it and they keep working on it until it is beyond perfect.

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Death and the Maiden // Dear _____

death and the maiden

Some of that modern Dunedin Sound coming at you courtesy of this trio from the southern city in the Pacific. Love the build up on this one and the repetitive melody that infiltrates your consciousness. It takes me back to a place long gone where songwriting was front and center and people just put it all out there emotionally. What I have heard from Death & the Maiden has all been golden thus far. Fast out of the gate.

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Do you like to listen to shit on YOUTUBE? Sure we all do, so listen to the new DEATH GRIPS album BOTTOMLESS PIT NOW MOTHERFUCKERS, stream that shit in FULL from the playlist posted below. REALLY FUCKING GOOD!!

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Springtime In Austin, TX: I Vacation In South By Southwest


Around this time of year, when the weather starts to turn just right, and the air starts to hint of roses, citrus blossoms, and green green grass, I start to get antsy. For it seems that all the beauty and splendor of this time of year not only heralds forth the coming of Spring, but also South By Southwest in Austin, TX. Each year I fly into Austin, take a nice leisurely lunch of BBQ at the airport’s Salt Lick Restaurant, then take one final deep breath before heading out into all that busy, but delicious, Bedlam.

This year, like always, IVIYH will be walking the streets of downtown Austin enveloped in a whirlwind of music, parties, people, and showcases. Some of the events we’ll endeavor to cover include the CVRRENTS V: Dark Electronic Ritual showcase, The Fader Fort, The British Music Embassy Day Parties/Showcases, parties thrown by Ad Hoc, Brooklyn Vegan, and Under The Radar, showcases presented by Holodeck Records, and our very favorite, Hype Machine’s HYPE HOTEL. The artists IVIYH hope to catch include Still Corners, Empress Of, Nightmare Air, Fear Of Men, Lust For Youth, Church Fire, ((Pressures)), SSLEEPERHOLD, Samantha Glass, Inhalt, The Stargazer Lilies, and Night Drive.

Again, IVIYH will strive to take in everything. However, one never knows what to expect at SXSW, which, frankly, is the beauty of it. Until next time…

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Lush // Out Of Control

lush out of control

It has been a long time since these cats have delivered new material. Talking about going all the way back to 1996! After reuniting the right way by releasing new material and planning an all out attack with a world tour – this is a special moment to catch up with some of the original pioneers of Shoegaze/Dream Pop/Brit-Pop. This video is the first single taken from the new EP entitled “Blind Spot”. Tracklist includes:

  1. Out of Control
  2.  Lost Boy
  3. Burnham Beaches
  4. Rosebud


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School Of Seven Bells // SVIIB

school-of-seven-bells SVIIB

It is masterfully done. Obviously they were in their prime when much of this album was recorded. What a way to go out!  However, I am not going to piss all over their last and final. I will just say, can’t wait to see Curtis on the other side.

You will have to listen to the tracks at this U.S. taxpayer funded site (see links below). They are strictly off limits to anyone associated with the FREE press. State sponsored Journalism ONLY! Keep paying your taxes YOU BUNCH OF SUCKERS so that real Journalists at PBS can practice their trade the state sponsored way.


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Memoryhouse // Soft Hate

softhate memoryhouse

“This is the best record Memoryhouse has ever made” — Memoryhouse

As a loyal follower to Memoryhouse’s musical journey I would fully have to agree with the above statement. Their latest full length is a fully realized album that taps into the many shades of somber tackled from many different angles with each song telling a story. From the slow lullabies to the darkened odes to the more shoegazy trip to the gloomy Grand Canyon state anthem “Arizona” – this one has you diving. Dream Shake is a standout for me taking me up above for a gasp of air before quickly diving down beneath. This one is a house full of memories I would like to return to often. If you haven’t already, check this sh*t out!

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